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June is PTSD Awareness Month

ACOA = Adult Child of an Alcoholic
PTSD = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was unfortunately influenced by the effects of having a parent who was subject to being under the influence of alcohol. This child and this parent were truly just regular folks who felt pain. Be it the pain of overwhelm, fear of death, loss, lack, feelings of inadequacy, and depression. The child was subject to many mini-traumas and sometimes large traumas.

PTSD/ACOAChildren feel way more than we understand. The sense of fear that would be elicited in the girl’s body made her heart jump and her breath stop. The fear of saying or doing the wrong thing made her become very careful and reserved, for an accidental burst of joy or smart talk could affect the whole family when the bear awoke and showed its ugly teeth. One could not jeopardize the entire group through bad words or behavior. Thus slowly and sometimes instantly, the shutdown begins and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is born within another innocent heart.

What does Gayle do?

Gayle is a Wonder

 As an Advanced Energy Healer she’s discovering a path to healing that is especially beneficial to Trauma victims.

Over the course of a lifetime humans experience many types of trauma; small infraction of words or actions repeated over a long period (or short) of time changes who a person is, becomes and often remains.

The advanced Energy Healing Techniques she employs;

  1. Chakra clearing, balancing and restructuring
  2. Evaluate and assess human energy field levels 1-15
  3. Help client identify presenting feeling and source trauma event
  4. Redirect the imbalance of the feeling to a higher vibrating opposite
  5. Reconfigure the Neuro-endocrine pathway through the brain, endocrine and nervous system
  6. Clear belief system templates related to the presenting emotional vibration and Replace with the new one.

These advanced  energy healing techniques  efficiently work at the cellular level.  They are amazing, beneficial and have permanent results.  The success is phenomenal.  People who were victimized through physical, sexual, or emotional assault be it subtle or obvious can have a new life free of the symptoms they have carried since the occurrence of the events.  It is painless, one does not have to re-live the original event emotionally, all  you need is a desire to explore and change to a new, and improved vibrational emotional frequency.

Addictions are often a symptom that people use to numb the pain of an early or recent trauma or belief.  When the trauma-belief is brought to consciousness and redefined, released and reconfigured through the Neuro-endocrine electrical cellular network, the nervous system and the brain –  any previous memory trigger that shows up does not have the same impact, response or reaction as it would have had prior to treatment.

For people suffering with the uncontrollable responses this is like a miracle.  The emotional – physical reaction that would typically occur as a result of the trigger memory,  now present with a calm response and positive expectation.

Gayle works with the client holographically and makes adjustments in the Neuro-endocrine, bio-chemical system on an energetic level which creates and enhances permanent and sustainable change.  The client is in a relaxed state, it is painless, and Gayle informs you of the changes that happen in your energy body. (That is if you want to know)

This experience of healing change can occur in person or via a distant session.  Since she works holographically and is highly skilled at tuning into energy fields anywhere in the world you can receive her help.

Let me explain about how trauma presents within the energy field.  The human being is a “Vibrational Frequency Electrical Field” and when traumas occur they change the resonate frequency in a particular  area of the field depending on the source of impact  be it emotional or physical.  Over time, repetition creates a Neuro pathway within the person at an emotional level which then creates a bio-chemical physical response  to  –  fight or flight –  thereby activating the adrenals.  Eventually this creates an autonomic response pathway which is very similar to neuro-pathways that develop from other physical activities such as riding a bike or driving a car.  The body remembers autonomically – freeing the mind for other input.

The same holds true for emotional events particularly where there is a perceived or actual threat or danger to one’s life or well being.  These pathways remain, even when the threat has passed and is no longer a danger.

Next comes a reminder trigger which activates the neural pathway and the flight or fight gets activated again causing the symptoms of PTSD  (post traumatic stress disorder).

Most people have a degree of this in some form.  Particularly men and women who tend to be ” sensitive” or “empathic” or highly observant to the dynamics or relational interactions  of the  home/school environment from an early age.

People who experience traumas during adulthood also benefit.  Redirecting, Releasing and Recovering the Neuro-endocrine pathway from a serious accident or injury works.

People loose their fear or anxiety around the triggers that a happened prior, during or after an accident.

Gayle is adept at helping the client identify the triggers (memories/reminders of the trauma event) feelings and responses which keep a person feeling “paralyzed”, frightened, threatened and retrains the body to a new behavior and emotional response.

Our emotions are our most powerful indicators to us and our physical bodies.  They are constantly providing information about what’s  going on at the unseen levels of our internal physical body, our brains and our “invisible” emotional states.

Freeing yourself up from low-slow dense vibrating emotional frequencies such as depression, grief, fear, unworthiness, guilt, rage, jealously, powerlessness and anger to name a few, will set your life on a course maybe you didn’t think was possible.

The treatments you receive will give you relief right away and over time your success in becoming healthy in your body and relationship will bring you to the higher vibrating resonate emotional frequencies like love, peace, contentment, Joy, empowerment, appreciation and more for longer sustainable periods of time.  Without drugs!

When you know yourself and how all the moving parts click together you are better able to manage the difficult challenges life often brings.  Gayle can help you see the unseen, bring it forward with keen, loving eyes and help you shift it into consciousness where it will remain visible healed and recovered by you as a part of your human journey.

It’s a Journey

You are Whole

Call Gayle to help you

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Gayle Hannan, BS, BHSP, Reiki Master
Gayle earned a BS at Northeastern University,

Graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, BHSP

Completed one year of Advanced Energy Healer training at Energy Touch School,

Attained the Master level of Reiki.

She has been studying, experiencing and working consciously with the human energy field since 1993.

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