Energy Healing Options

Post Traumatic Stress Relief


These 4- 90 minute sessions are extremely helpful for anyone who experiences repeated events of memory recall over traumatic events such as car accidents, physical assault, violence or emotional abuse.

The body remembers at the cellular level unresolved trauma, wounds, events, places, sounds, and smells. These memories occur unexpectedly and can initiate an emotional upset.

Energy Healing can release these traumas without drugs.

Gayle will reconfigure your energetic neuro – endocrine system, brain, nervous and vascular systems at the cellular level. These physiological systems keep the event(s) memory programming in place.

It is not necessary to emotionally experience any extreme feelings or trauma which may have occurred as a result of the event(s). We only bear witness in order to identify the dominant trigger feeling and then convert it to a more beneficial feeling thereby producing relief.

Through the emotional identification process, we choose a preferred feeling to re-wire/re-configure into the neuro-endocrine human consciousness system.

The frightening feelings which are triggered or occur unexpected in daily life are greatly reduced and don’t return in same form again.

  • Freedom from unexpected random upset
  • Begin to return to favorable interactions in relationships
  • Reduction of fearful memories which trigger a fight or flight response in the body
  • Restoration of feeling positively about life
  • Become more engaged with work, self and others
  • Relief from depression or addiction in order to numb the fearful feelings
  • Better physical health

If you are ready to commit to experiencing a new freedom of feeling good, well-being and improved health then sign up for your 15 minute Free Consult and get started today!

Vibrational Tune Up


This package includes 5 – 30 minute in person, phone, Skype or Google Plus coaching sessions to get you moving, clearing and sustaining your vibrational frequency at an optimal level.

Emotions are simply Energy (E) in Motion. Gayle will guide and teach you how to identify, clear and move yourself from the lower vibrating frequencies at the bottom of the E-Motional Scale and toward the top, faster, more pleasurable feeling frequencies.


  • You will feel optimistic, passionate, loving and joyful for longer periods of time.
  • Embody the practices, processes and tips to strengthen your vibration
  • Develop your E-Motions, your intuition and emotional IQ to increase confidence and well-being.
Get started today!Call to schedule 603-726-3755Includes E-Motional Scale

Past Life – DNA


You will receive 4/90 minute sessions which will help you to discover who you have been while traveling here on earth. Your memories are frequently related to a current emotional/trauma issue or physical pain.

Did you know the body remembers at the DNA and cellular memory levels every unresolved trauma, wound, events and places?

Did you know I can help you recover and re-route the unresolved pain, emotional issue or other problem? It is E-Z and lasting.

Through revelation and consciously understanding the information received, your body will release the painful or congested place. It happens instantly.

It is not necessary to emotionally experience any trauma that occurred. We only bear conscious witness.

You will be guided to clear out residual negative energy from your Human Energy Consciousness System.


  • Relieve physical pain which seems to have no origin or explanation.
  • Reconfigure the DNA to free you of the repeating patterns and feelings.
  • Receive deeper understanding of who you have been with all your talents and intuitive gifts.
  • Release old memories, beliefs and images that are connected to a current life situation so a gentle alteration of the current dynamic can occur.
  • Through consciously understanding the past we can better choose now.
  • Open and clear blocks to creative pursuits.

If you are ready to commit to better understand who you are and want and good health then sign up for your 15 minute Free Consult and get started. Call Gayle at 603-726-3755 to schedule your time.

Life Transition


6 – 90 Minute sessions in person or remote via phone, Skype or Google Plus.

All 6 sessions must be utilized within 90 days.

These sessions will help you with any emotional and physical challenges that often occur when people have big changes in their life. You will develop skill by navigating and moving through your feelings of frustration, grief, overwhelm, and fear of the unknown (to name a few) with clear and conscious understanding of how to improve your feelings. The result is you find relief and create confidence while gaining support as the transition proceeds.

Gayle will guide and help you understand emotional cycles and circuits. She will also teach you how to flow through the transition with ease and grace. Support for your courage and ability to change is what Gayle offers by working with your Human Consciousness and Chakra Systems to improve and alleviate the neuro-endocrine stress response that happens as a result of change.

Here are some examples of Life Transitions that create stress for most people:

  • Moving/Relocating
  • Change of Job
  • Marriage/New Relationship Commitment
  • Death
  • Divorce
  • New Baby
  • Empty Nest
  • Retirement

Life Change via letting go of negative/addictive habits like smoking, drinking, eating etc.

Included in this package are the E-Motional Scale and The Flower of Life Focus Wheel, to use as a Clearing and Manifesting tool kit long after your sessions have completed. Gayle will reflect to you and relieve any blocks, obstacles or resistance to change you may have as part your Advanced Energy Healing. I guarantee you will feel relief with each session.

Call today with any questions or go to the payment button and get started. 603-726-3755

Addiction Relief


Gayle has successfully helped people overcome addictions like tobacco, and sugar, which are hardwired into the brain and nervous system.

Through consciously processing and understanding the origin and entry of the substance on all levels into your physical body, emotional body, environment and spiritual being you will become better able to energetically release all that binds you.

Gayle will reconfigure the energetic neuro –endocrine, brain, nervous and vascular systems which keep the addiction programming in place.

Your willingness to consciously understand your emotions, and patterns while choosing a healthier path is all you need to bring to a session.

It is not necessary to emotionally experience any extreme feelings or trauma which may have occurred. We only bear witness.

Through the emotional identification process, we choose a preferred feeling to re-wire into your neuro-endocrine human consciousness system.
The Addiction Relief Package includes 8 – 90 minute sessions held over a 90 day period.

If you are ready to commit to your well-being and good health then sign up for your 15 minute Free Consult and get started today!

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