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Twenty five years ago this weekend I received my level one Reiki Attunement and initiation into the world of Energy Healing. When I look back today I realize what a miracle it was and continues to be to this day. I didn’t know it then, but I received multiple blessings which brought me safely along the waves of shifting energies that I continue to experience to this day. You see I was an innocent traveler. I didn’t know what I was actually doing to myself by accepting the symbols and energeticsnof Reiki into my body, my brain, my heart, my hands and my energy field. It changed my life permanently and ultimately for the better. I awakened.

I was in my mid-thirties, married with one year old boy. Our lives were in transition in 1994. Husband was minimally working partly due to a DUI. I wanted to be at home to care for my baby and was living off a substantial commission I earned selling real estate in Boston. We were homeless having been asked to leave our sea side rental home in Brant Rock because we had a child and the landlord was concerned about lead paint. This was totally illegal but I could not bear a court fight. The plan was to move into my in-laws home in New Hampshire, but they rented it before we committed. So I moved with my husband and child into my mother’s rented condo with my brother living in the basement. All of our furnishings fit in the garage. This was the beginning of September. I did not know what lay ahead.

My mother had turned me onto this psychic reader in nearby Leicester. Her name was Grace and she had a metaphysical book and gift shop called The Crystal Journey. They made Reiki candles. She offered readings and classes along with the books, crystals and candles. I had a tarot reading with a man during a weekend event and he told me I was the high priestess with a fixed look on his face, as though he had never had that happen before. This stuck with me, because I instantly knew it was true. I was listening attentively to signs from the universe since I had recently read the Celestine Prophecy. That book opened my psychic awareness as I was receiving many psychic messages, and confirmation about the messages. Because of these intuitions I stayed interested in these new ideas about energy and healing. A path had opened before me and I kept following the marked trail. That was the first event at the Crystal Journey.



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Gayle earned a BS at Northeastern University,

Graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, BHSP

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Attended the Energy Touch School  of Advanced Healing

Attained the Master level of Reiki and teaches classes upon request.

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