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Friday, November 7, 2014



Pronunciation: a how’
Qualities: Union, wholeness, ascension, unconditional love, solar mastery, Christ consciousness, language of light ecstasy, limitless bliss, crown

Gayle’s Reflection:
I Am that I Am – Ahau is the culmination of the Mayan glyphs to the point of unity. I am that I am signifies a place in us
where we recognize that we are a point of light in communion with each other, our creator, earth and ourselves. Sing the love within all. Feeling the love ever present is how we connect and embody the bliss it provides.

As you complete the work week today, take some moments to witness all the love that showed up in your family, at work, and out in the world. See the limitless bliss at play. Open your heart and become one with it. Activate consciously the divinity within you and shine it out unconditionally.

“Move joyfully toward whatever creates bliss and ecstasy for you! Forgive, release, and love all beings, all creation as the unconditional caress of the sun.” The Mayan Oracle

Affirmation: “I AM a child of the light, crowned with the self-authority and transparency of the divine child I know myself to be.”

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Qualities: hope, commitment, compassionate service, global consciousness, dreams and visions, planetary mind, belief in oneself

Gayle’s Reflection:
EAGLE carries your seed intention one day further. Men opens us to hope and commitment to the cause. Is your cause personal or global? Each has equal value. Men reminds us to envision the place in our heart that holds the compassionate planetary service.

This could mean you only have to heal yourself in order to aid in the service of global consciousness. It could also mean your path leads you far and wide to help people in need. Either way choosing to step in it powerfully moves your objective closer to achievement.

Let Men bring you there with joy and creativity.

Affirmation: “With vision and hope, I dance and sing here for the one heart!”

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