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Thursday, October 30, 2014

THIRTEEN: (Universal Movement)

wild card, unseen forces, unexpected change, open system, touch of destiny, interdimensional shift

Gayle’s Reflection:
Thirteen is a frequency shift that can propel you into unexpected changes. Whatever is resisting change will be transformed like it or not. Truth is change is often for the good as it moves us to a new space, even though we may not appreciate the newness of it at first.

When we are thrust into new situations we learn to adjust and adapt to accommodate the new vibration. Thirteen beckons the event or situation. Give yourself permission to flow with the interdimensional shift.

Open to receive the gift of the shift and perhaps you will come face to face with your destiny. Being in alignment with that can bring great joy and celebration.

Are you ready to access and become your destiny? It could happen today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


core purpose, central intent, foundation, place of centeredness, simplicity, acceptance of humaness

Gayle’s Reflection:
We are on a roll this week. First, we choose the quest, agree to shift realms, what happens next is critical. We go to our center. The core of who we are. The place inside that feels safe, good and we know who we are. We choose to create from center.

Five brings us more in touch with our core purpose. Our central intent for why we are here. Tune into this by connecting with your soul seat. It is the spot just above the thymus gland in the center of your chest. Place your thumb and fore fingers together and ask about your purpose. Feel the pulse of your souls seat. It is the place in the physical body that connects to the purpose we came here to fulfill. Take a few moments to breathe and ask your questions about your souls’ purpose.

What have you come here to do?

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