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Friday, October 24, 2014


Pronunciation: cheek’chan
Qualities: vitality, passion, sensing, body wisdom, motivation, desire, instinct, creativity, serpent power, kundalini, integration, purification, intimacy

Gayle’s Reflection:
“Chicchan calls on you to awaken your vitality, body wisdom and passion for life.” This serpent energy is reflective of the spark of kundalini energy that rises up through the spinal cord aligning all of the chakras. It awakens us to the infinite amount of information stored in our bodies. The cells, the spirit, the feelings and the thoughts are all connected and filled with information for us. Tuning into the senses and what they reveal for us is a practice in intimacy with the self.

Get to know yourself. Begin to question and understand the signals your senses are giving you. Pay attention to the muscular constrictions and uncomfortable feelings, for they have serious information for you. Often it is relevant to an earlier experience, trauma or memory. Feel the power of Chicchan to deliver the information you seek about your desires and motivations. It is what makes us ALIVE!

Affirmation: “I joyfully access and experience the wisdom and vitality held in my body.”

Thursday, October 23, 2014



Qualities: seed, seeding manifestation, self-germination, creation, fertile ground, gestation, opening, erupting possibility.

Gayle’s Reflection:
Today a partial solar eclipse is occurring. This is a potent portal for intentions, dreams and possibilities to be germinated. Since it is a partial eclipse, I will include the Shadow Wisdom from the Oracle.

First the seed part…

Hopefully you were able to utilize the AKBAL energy from Monday and have a few seeds from the abyss to plant. Become receptive. Be a source of fertile ground. Surrender and free yourself from the illusion that everything happens outside of you. You create it. You intend for the creation of your life. You have the ability to nurture your own seeds of intention. Do it today. Find a few and be offering it up to the portal opening today. Use the energy of spinning galaxies to infuse germinating energy into your erupting possibilities. Trust it and let it go.

The Shadow Wisdom speaks to feelings of insecurity; limitation of new possibilities; choosing to remain safe at the expense of awakening and growth; restricted self-concept

Shadow Transformation: Realize that you and your life are the fertile ground that you awaken your own dreams and possibilities. Free yourself from the illusion of safety as your enter into the manifestation of emerging possibility.

FREE yourself from illusion. Awaken … Awaken… Awaken to growth.

Affirmation: “I AM the fertile ground and the self-germinating seed of possibility.”

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