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Thursday, October 16, 2014



Pronunciation: eek’
Qualities: spirit, breath, inspiration, presence, truth, co-creator of reality, simplicity, unseen forces, integration of polarities

Gayle’s Reflection
Ik is the second card in the cycle, representing spirit or breath. It is the unseen force that animates all life. Without the air we wouldn’t exist. Without spirit we would be zombies…Blobs of flesh with no purpose for being. With Ik we are inspired toward the unfolding of life. What are you inspired by or drawn toward that will develop in you a sense of purpose or passion.

Co-Create with spirit what your desires are. Today is a good day to be aware of this and focus your breath on what it is you want to create. You are not separated from the divine—EVER! “Learn to sense and experience your connection with the Divine by acting on inspiration as it comes to you.” This can take some practice. What does that feel like to be tuned into the Divine…My Divine essence unified with the Divine itself? Ask for it to arrive. Be receptive to the subtle energies that are always present. Choose to connect through mediation, walking in the woods, or taking a moment to breathe into your own heart and notice the love that is present. That is who you truly are.

Use the affirmation to help your reconnect.

Affirmation: “I am the unified presence of Spirit.”

Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Pronunciation: ee’meesh
Qualities: source of life, divine nurturance and support, primordial Mother, undivided primal waters, primal trust and nourishment, receptivity.

Gayle’s Reflection:
Imix is the first glyph on the Mayan calendar. It signifies a beginning point on our journey and represents the primordial waters that we emerged from. The Earth is our physical source which sustains us. Yet she also threatens our very existence with earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and long freezing winters. How can I learn to trust the source of divine nurturance when the elements create doubt and devastation in our lives? Recognize that it just is. Allowing and acceptance of the process helps one to relax knowing it is all just a cycle.

Trusting is something we all struggle with. Danger, disappointment and betrayal are lurking around every dark corner. Yet we trust the Earth will turn and the sun will rise. There is no doubt that will happen. Cycles of nature remind us that abundance will be here at the end of each summer. When we disconnect from the cycles of nature for long periods of time our nervous systems go into overdrive due to the constant fight or flight response in adrenaline and cortisol that results from living in a state of high alert. Reconnecting with trees, birds, rivers and dirt help us to regain our balance and feel relief as this is where we belong… Walking in harmony with the primordial mother…Learning to trust the infinite source of air, light and water that gives us life.

Affirmation: “I trust unconditionally the source of divine nurturance.”

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