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Sunday, October, 12 2014



Pronunciation: a how’
Qualities: Union, wholeness, ascension, unconditional love, solar mastery, Christ consciousness, language of light ecstasy, limitless bliss, crown

Gayle’s Reflection:
Choosing Ahau on a Sunday as millions of people are gathering in church bearing witness to unity and Christ consciousness is a powerful marker for this entire week. Let us take some time to center into our own hearts and find the wholeness of our bodies. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. What have they been through this week? Where did you separate your heart or yourself from another? Did you disconnect from your own path and desires? Just witness and feel the place where the heart aches for more union, more unconditional love.

The Mayans understood the cycle of living. We have forgotten what it is , how it feels, what to do with our light hearts. AHAU is a completion of a cycle and a beginning. Allow yourself today to tune in here to the potential of this love, and limitless bliss with you. Shine it out for others unconditionally.

Be brave and allow the light of ecstasy to come into you and shine through you. It is a golden, high frequency light that is everywhere all the time. Drink it in.

Bathe in it. Spread it around. You will be thankful for the experience. Know it is limitless and always available. Linger here and engage with AHAU. Bring it into the week ahead. AAAHHHH soooo goood!

This is who you truly are!

Affirmation: “ I AM a child of the light, crowned with the self-authority and transparency of the divine child I know myself to be.”

Saturday, October 11, 2014



Qualities: fluid reference points, time/space traveler, skywalker, angelic messenger, pillars of heaven, courage, new directions, mysterious journey

Gayle’s Reflection:
Bens’ beauty is about bringing heaven to Earth. Drawing down from the heavens a new light of love.

The pink shining with gold in this card reminds me to fill my field with this beautiful light each day, all day. Being a pillar is a big responsibility. Is it even possible for me to maintain such a light throughout the day? How can I manage this Herculean task? Well a little bit at a time is really a good practice. Just practice opening the heart and send surging pulses of pink light into my own energy field. That’s all I really have to do. Just choose it for myself. Sure I can do that. Remembering to keep doing it is the part that takes practice. So just practice and be gentle with yourself if you forget.

My angelic messengers and skywalkers will assist me in this task, as long as I ASK them to. Part of my prayer is to call in the helpers of light who are willing to be present for my aid. They remind me to slow down and observe where Heaven on Earth already exists. Such as the in the beauty of trees during autumn or the giggle of happy child playing with a puppy. It is easy to fill my field with pink when I see this. Feel this. Remember you are a Temple of Light and Love and the Earth is our Sanctuary.

Affirmation: “I AM a pillar of the invisible temple that brings heaven to Earth.”

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