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Wednesday, October 8, 2014



Pronunciation: man eek’
Qualities: completion, gateway, opening, beauty, identification, dance, mudra, divination, acting ”as if”, spiritual tools, priest/priestess

Gayle’s Reflection:
By Wednesday you may have come to some conclusions around your quest. Manik suggests the completion is here and the time is ready to thrust the idea, vision, and/or core purpose into the gateway of creation. This is how it actually happens energetically.

As we vision, focus and create, there comes a point of releasing it to the ethers to be fully realized. Manik gives us this doorway/portal to use our spiritual tools in order to make ready the arrival of the core purpose. Perhaps we sing or dance it into completion by giving it our beauty and intent to create. We may become the innocent child who has no doubt that acting as if it is already here will indeed bring what we desire and create to us. We may also celebrate with mudra and ceremony offering our gifts to spirit, where it will become completed and made manifest.

Manik represents the hand that creates. We use our hands to mold, manipulate and bring forth into physical existence. Using mudra enhances this. Our hands have great power to complete the cycle of creation. Utilizing them with ceremony via a mudra the power is enhanced. When a priest/priestess raises a chalice to spirit in ceremony we witness the power of this.

We can do the same when we offer it up. Our faith and true belief that it will come to pass is shown through the offering or sacred mudra. It is a completion of the cycle.

The Oracle offers mudras with each Glyph/card. If you would like to learn a few write me as to which one you want to learn. In the meantime offer up your creations with the affirmation.

Affirmation: “I complete. I open. I am one with the light.”

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


(Center) core purpose, central intent, foundation, place of centeredness, simplicity, acceptance of humanness

Gayle’s Reflection:
Following on the heels of the Adventure’s Quest here we have another day to sink into our core purpose. To uncover what it is or bring it forward with further development. Five helps us to focus on a place of centeredness. When we know clearly our purpose, it is much easier to give it attention,
nurturance and energy to encourage growth.

If you are still unclear with your purpose give some space for meditation and inner reflection ask… What’s here for me? What can I build upon? Where is my foundation? Use this FIVE window with intent.

Spirit will always answer when we inquire. Be led toward the simplicity of your being a human being. As you accept your humanness, it becomes easier to know for sure that you are a human being rather than a human doing. Check into the fullness of this energy today and feel into your unfolding core purpose.

Give it your love and acceptance, even if it is not fully realized. Pretend it is and love it in the fullness of completion. FIVE is a building block of creation.

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