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Monday, October 6, 2014

Adventurer's Quest


Mythic call, journey, quest, guides, allies, receptivity, initiation, empowerment

Gayle’s Reflection:
Monday is a perfect day to pull this one. As we enter into the work we may feel like a warrior going to the battle field of the work week. Breathing deeply we gather our courage to face another week of work that may or may not satisfy our longings to be more, to do more. Is fear of not being or doing enough at the door step of the work place as you enter? Are you in alignment with your true calling? If you are not and you know it, maybe the unconscious fear and need for money keeps you coming back to this place of dissatisfaction. Today is a day you can change all that.

The Adventures’ Quest tells us it is time to engage and receive your mythic call. The energy here is potent. What is your vision? What is your destiny? Who are your allies in support of the creation and manifestation of this vision? Notice what is stirring within you. Could you be remembering something that you have allowed to lay fallow? Uncover it and breathe your life force into it.

The time is here to embark on the journey to your life purpose. Take heed of this mythical quest and know you will attain your full presence and power upon completion. Make yourself ready and invite the initiation to begin. Gather your allies and prepare. Make note of the appearance of tests which will ascertain your complete knowledge and assurance of your ability to make such a profound journey.

Vision your quest in a mythical way that frees all points of limitation. All is here awaiting your invitation.

Take heart, have courage to begin. The Universe is supporting your quest as adventurer in this life of uncertainty. Go forth and conquer the day!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


(Measure) order, definition, discrimination, natural cycles, meaningful alignment.

Gayle’s Reflections:
The four directions, the four seasons represent the natural cycles of life. When we are in alignment and doing the tasks and eating the ripe harvest of fall foods we are in meaningful alignment with what our mother Earth is providing for us at this particular time. In the spring we eat lush greens and asparagus. Use the order that nature is to bring your best gifts to the world.

What are you ready to manifest and come into alignment with this fall? Are you a teacher bringing in a new way of learning or a new subject? As an artist are you utilizing this beautiful time of year to paint the ever-changing fall foliage and light of day? Perhaps the cold air keeps you in and writing is more your medium. Whatever you are manifesting use measure as a tool of consciousness to mold time, form and space.

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