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Wednesday, September 24, 2014



Pronunciation: la mat’
Qualities: harmony, starseed, beneficial combinations, way show-er, octave, expanded love, clear perspective

Gayle’s Reflection: Beneficial combinations, clear perspective
These cards are in tune with the rhythm of the Universe and the Earth. Today at the beginning of Libra balancing scales, I choose Lamat radiating harmony. Emphasizing the equal day and night yet again. When I look at this card it appears as a portal or stargate. To pass through it one must be prepared to change or perhaps upgrade an octave of vibration from 3D to 4D or 4D to 5D. We are all changing in some form. The light of the stars is affecting us daily. How does one open to the expanded love and clear perspective this card offers?

For me I have been looking/feeling into the collective consciousness revealing the layer of injustice women have felt at the hands of men with regard to domestic or family violence. Some have been experiencing symptoms of PTSD (myself included) as a result of listening or viewing what is happening
with the NFL and the brutal lack of attention and protection the women receive as victims of such abuse. Our bodies hold these energies for a very long time within our cellular memory. It can show up as upset, depression, unresolved anger which might spill out unexpectedly, or even crying for no
apparent reason. The fear of the trauma arrives to receive expanded love and self-awareness for resolution of the events that caused the trauma.

When the culture does nothing to reverse the cycles of abuse that have been perpetrated on women for millennia, and the perpetrators receive little or no consequence and live to abuse another day, triggers amongst victims arrive out of the ethers to be reviewed. It helps to choose to love the self with all of the pain, and fear while recognizing its’ origin. As you do this with more expanded awareness, consciousness and deep love for your having survived, the memories which are still affecting you resolve and heal with the healing balm you offer your wounds.

May the beneficial combinations of men listening to the stories of women, in all areas of home, work, family, government and other organizations, be shown a clearer perspective of how to solve the dysfunction, disrespect and dishonoring of the Divine Feminine. May all way-showers arrive to lead us
into a new paradigm of love, honor, protection and equal representation for all womankind throughout the globe.

Claim your self now by affirming…
Affirmation: “I AM my full presence now. I am the harmony of the stars!”

Tuesday, September 23, 2014



(Mystical Power) mystical alignment, self-acceptance, technician of the sacred, direct connection with the Source.

Gayle’s Reflection:
“Claim your mystical wisdom by acknowledging your personal relationship to the Source.” Each day practice your divine connect to Source by aligning and fine tuning your instrument. Your physical body and the four dimensions of humankind (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) within it is the vessel you may use to become a pillar of energy connecting Heaven to Earth. We all have the ability for direct connection to God and Mother Earth. All we need do is recognize it and choose to be with it.

Seven reminds us of the mystical power within us which we can use with our feelings and intellect to transmute matter into mystical consciousness. Tune into seven today and remember to align your energy body with the Physical Earth and the Light of Heaven.

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