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Aligning for Integration

Day 35 SOS Poetry Project

Aligning for Integration
By Barbara Brennan

Release your life’s purpose for unfoldment
as healers all over the world come together,
joining with the medical profession
for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing,
for individuals, families and nations,
so that the dualistic perspective of healing can dissolve, releasing the creative force and moving into unity
with all those in all the healing professions,
including whatever means are appropriate
to open this particular work into the world.

Align for mutual understanding and respect,
send out light to all those in the healing professions,
including the official boards all over the world.
However you wish to heal and visualize,
allow your creativity to flow.
As each individual aligns his or her task,
so the new purpose is formed
in synchronicity with each other.

Gayle’s Reflection:

This vision for an integrated healing system that combines holistic and energy practices with the current medical and psychological models is one I have held quietly in my heart since I first heard these words spoken in 2000.

Allowing my personal unfoldment within it has included several starts and stops toward the intention of this integration of systems. Fourteen years ago I was quite optimistic that it could happen quickly. I soon realized not many people understood what I was talking about. Energy Healing?? Is that like Reiki? was the typical response.
It takes time to explain with regular words something so experiential.

I didn’t realize how far out on the leading edge of healing I really was. It wasn’t until I heard in 2009 Dr. Oz say that energy medicine is at the forefront of healing did I truly see how Brennan Healing Science is leading the way.

Slowly, the science and acceptance of the benefits of Brennan Healing Science is weaving its way into operating rooms, recovery rooms, cancer treatment rooms, therapy offices and other areas of the existing health care institutions. Thousands of people receive energy healings every year by well trained practitioners.

These last 14 years, I have stayed true to my passion for my work and kept learning, improving and implementing what I was taught at BBSH and what deeper guidance shown me as new techniques for the benefit of the client. Their progress and mine continues to be a remarkable journey.

Today, my creativity and flow is still moving and aligning through this writing pursuit, making the possibilities and the infinite pathways to healing more visible. Maybe I am stepping toward a new way of being in my purpose. It is okay for me to change, maybe take a little detour into more light.

This writing brings me joy. I look forward to more connections, more light, more synchronicity with other healers as we continue in time creating community for the greater good and implementation of The Aquarian Age.

Thank you Barbara, for reminding me to send my light out with love to the entire healing communities for the healing of individuals, families and nations.

See you tomorrow.
Love, Gayle

The Heart of Family

Day 34 SOS Poetry Project

The Heart of Family
By Barbara Brennan

There is an underlying heart connection
of love within your family
whether or not you have difficulties
with particular family members .

You have a family heritage
that exists in the physical form, in the physical world,
and a particular family heritage
that goes back for generations and generations.

Include your family members spiritually, physically, lovingly, into your personal healing process
and you will find the foundation of your existence,
your essence, being loved and supported by your family.

You will find yourself being loved no matter who you are.
No matter what you do, no matter what you have done,
still these cords of love exist
between your self and all family members.

Gayle’s Reflection:

Family heritage goes back in a physical form for generations and generations.

Perhaps the reason I struggle with abandonment and grief is because I only know about 50% of who I am and who my relatives are. Having lost my father to the Angel of Death at 2 years old, my father’s side of the family was not presented by him, so there was history I did not learn. Even though his parents and several siblings survived him, they couldn’t speak of him without grief and deep sadness. I learned not to ask about his story and therefore, I didn’t learn about him from his immediate family or the history of anyone else.

What I have discovered by being well versed by the historians of my mother’s family is that the patterns and constellations of relationship dynamics is being played out generationally in the drama of life. I see it in my own life all the time.

The path of the heart has overlays among generations. The places where past unresolved or wounded love remain, are left for current and future generations to bring forgiveness and healing to on the physical plane.

Knowing our history and sharing of stories helps us to not repeat the mistakes of previous generations. If it remains hidden out of shame or fear, loss of love and hurt, these patterns and sequence of events are destine to repeat, until more consciousness and the balm of loving compassion is applied.

Remember all your family in this physical world and all the generations of ancestors from this land and the lands traveled from long before you came. Love them, ask for their help, resolve the pain. Notice how you may be experiencing the same pain or common fear. You have within you the conscious awareness to transform lineages of relatives from the past, present and future, for we are all still connected via our shared DNA.

When I do a generational healing in my healing room, the past, present and future generations are receiving the healing as well as the client. To clear forever patterns of suffering, betrayal, war, abandonment, and health issues is an enormous blessing for all concerned.

Thank you Barbara for bringing forward the powerful healing of including our ancestors with love.

See you tomorrow.
Love, Gayle

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