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Dualistic Perceptions

Day 31 SOS-2000 Poetry Project

Dualistic Perceptions
By Barbara Brennan

It is with deep pleasure, gratitude and excitement
that we commune with you here today.
We are present with you in this room.

Although to us this room may not look as it does to you,
we are present.
In form, yes. In function, yes.
In energy consciousness, yes.
Yet we are quite different.

Consider the possibility
that worlds beyond the physical exist and have existed, beyond time and space,
beyond physical law, as you know it.
For physical law is limited only to the physical.
And so then, when understanding yourselves,
do not utilize only your dualistic discernment
of the physical world.

Of course, it is most essential for certain
aspects of your physical life.
But rather than applying it to your self,
your soul or your being,
apply it to the functioning and care
of your physical body and your physical needs,
as well as understanding and implementing
your ideas and creations into the physical world.

Gayle’s Reflection:

While attending BBSH the entire school would gather for meditation and the channeling that Barbara and Heyoan would deliver to 700+ souls. They let us know there were many who were helping and supporting our growth and understanding of ourselves as more than just “physical beings”. The guides were assuring us of the existence of a potent, unseen realm of otherworldliness.

Duality was a constant theme. We had to understand that we were more than physical, yet the physical was the largest part of who we are and how we identify ourselves.

We were asked regularly to consider the possibility that we are more than physical. We had to realize that we are conscious energy as well, existing beyond time and space. What? Really?

At first, the new concepts overwhelm. Slowly the truth settles in and becomes more tangible and visible through daily co-incidences and unexplainable events. This is how we learned to trust and believe we are more than physical.

The theme of duality developed and became the truth that by increasing our conscious awareness as multi-dimensional light beings we are evolving humanity through the lens of consciousness. I had to begin to move my belief system to one of duality and separation of the physical and spiritual, to unity consciousness and the merging of the spiritual into the physical being. This took time and is a continuum.

Eventually, we began seeing ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience. Thereby, we are one in the same between and with each other. Even now, we are unified in ourselves and transitioning to the actualization of it via awakening consciousness.

The smaller the globe gets the more we realize how connected all of life is.
Take time to see the unity of human spirit in all matter(s).
It is all a matter of perception.

Thank you Barbara for consciously awakening your students.
See you tomorrow.
Love, Gayle

An Experience of Fusion

Day 30 SOS -2000 Poetry Project

An Experience of Fusion
By Barbara Brennan

Fusion is so much more powerful than fission.
By sitting in unconditional love
and increasing your energy flow,
a time capsule is released.
It is a beautiful lesson teaching yourself discernment.
For as the two flows of energy consciousness
of mind and feelings fuse together,
experience becomes one.
What is released is joy and wonder
throughout all of your field.

Gayle’s Reflection:

This is for me to experience today.
I am sitting in unconditional love for myself.
Seeing and feeling into my journey of understanding Who I Am. I allow myself to be with her in complete love.

Focusing my attention to how tired I feel for this long journey to reclaim all of my split off pieces. Today’s time capsule release and reunion is about bringing consciousness to how I began to split pieces of my being off by not accepting the teacher within me.

I truly love being a teacher. Whenever I have a class, I am so excited by it and I feel that 10 year old girl playing school, being the teacher shining her heart to her students that show up because they want to learn. Such joy is released.

It is time to fuse the negative judgment around being a teacher into the joy and wonder of sharing the wisdom of the ages. The internal conflict of not allowing my inner teacher to step forth must fuse itself into my shining light. From here, I can claim and experience the wonder and joy of becoming who I really am…
A teacher of light and consciousness.

I allow myself to Be visible
I allow my heart to Be unafraid of the perceived judgment.
I long to Be teaching with Joy and Wonder.
Today is the day I begin.
Thank you Barbara, I love being a teacher.

See you tomorrow.

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