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Creating Compassion

Day 29 SOS Poetry Project

Creating Compassion
By Barbara Brennan

Allow your passion to fill you,
to flow through you,
even if you begin the communication
in a negative way.

Your passion will carry you
into “at-one-ment”.

It is the release of passion,
when centered in the core,
that brings communion
with another individual,
and thereby creates compassion
in both human beings.

Gayle’s Reflection:

What does that feel like… letting your self be filled with passion? How does one do that?
Easy…Intention and Choice.

In every moment we have the option to allow or resist the presence of passion. The trick is to remember you have the choice. Begin each day in a practice of filling the self with passion, thus making it more available to you throughout the day.

Opening the heart allowing your passion for life to arrive sets a tone for more compassion to show up. Even if it starts out with a negative tone your intention to choose
will alter the flow of passion and begin to release it out into the world.

A friend of mine reminded me last night of an exercise two people can do when they are at odds, needing healing or understanding.

It goes like this…
Have the intention to create a container of silence for 15 minutes.
Sit together in a closed room.
No words, simply allow whatever is in the space to rise and fall away.
Start by centering yourself into your core.
Allow your passion to charge and open from your heart.
Drop it down into your belly as you breathe.
Bring it back up into your heart again and feel what’s there.
Breathe it out and into the room.
Slowly gaze into the eyes of the other and feel.
Stay with the eyes and notice what has arrived to experience and share within the silence for each other.
Notice the rise and fall of energy between you.

Are you seeing and feeling the core essence of yourself?
Of the other? What does it feel like?
Can you remain another 15 minutes in silence with all of this passion-compassion-at-one-ment that is vibrating and circulating in the room? Kinda scary huh?

We long for this kind of silent, intimate communion with ourselves and those we love.
Why are we not offering it regularly to create intimate passionate bonds?
How can we dare to ask for this beautiful opportunity to come together and really experience a release of passion?

I say DARE to do it! Go ahead make your own day!
Find a companion to create some compassion and communion with. So much Love is always available.

How much would the world change if its’ leaders practiced silent compassion with one another allowing the true core of human compassion to reveal itself?

You can begin today with anyone you may have a conflict or love affair with. Create some Compassion for ALL!
I dare you!
I dare myself!

Thank you Barbara, I now choose to allow myself to create compassion.

See you tomorrow,
Love Gayle

Duality is Crumbling

Day 28 SOS Poetry Project

Duality is Crumbling
By Barbara Brennan

Duality’s shaking and crumbling
causes vibrations in the cells
to release old toxins.
If you look at yourselves, you will say
“My goodness what has happened to my field?
Look at the mud.”

If you use the old paradigms
to look at this mud,
you might think you are back slipping.
That is simply another judgment,
part of the greater cacophony of the world
that is all over the airwaves,
on the news.

Gayle’s Reflection:

What are we seeing on the airwaves?
What are the toxic visions we set our eyes on the screens? Why are we viewing so much visible violence, injustice and attack of one another, amongst the daily reports of upheaval in governments, and mass gatherings of disatisfied souls?

Certainly run amok in old paradigm.
Certainly a visible release of old toxins.
Allow yourself to shake it off and out of your being.

We must shed the old skins which no longer fit our newly expanded vibration of love and desire for justice and equality for all. These are the new paradigms.

As the old clears out, we seek to find, adjust and balance the old with the new higher frequencies of the Aquarian Age. This has come about as our solar system has entered the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our bodies, psyches, and emotions can no longer withstand the vibrational levels of duality and spilt that have been present on Earth for aeons.

So I encourage you to purge your “field” and let the spring rains wash clean all the mud. First, notice those toxins and choose to understand without harsh judgment the origin. Then let it all go with love for yourself and others involved.

Forgive everything and everybody for we are all innocent Bozos on the Bus.

Shake out the old paradigm toxins in all environments…
in your food,
in your water,
in your air,
in your cleaning products and pesticides,
in all un-natural elements which no longer serve the body.

Make a clear space for new, higher frequency vibrations of love, freedom, and acceptance to enter and restore balance to your living environment.
Let go the cacophony of the airwaves and do your part to resolve and heal.

Detox just for you.
It will aid the whole Earth.

Thank you Barbara, I am readying myself for an annual spring detoxing.

See you tomorrow,
Love Gayle

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