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Centering Home

Day 14 SOS Poetry Project

Centering Home
By Barbara Brennan

As you center in the core of your divinity
feel the essence of self,
the essence that goes beyond time and space
that has existed forever
the divine within you.

It is in the center of your being
that you will learn to re-identify the self
as God centered.

Centered with divinity.
Receiving all that comes and goes,
all that flows through you and around you
all of the creative life force
that comes from within you
expanding outward, precipitating down
through the levels of the field

into the physical and then receding back
into this God self-identity within you.

The more you allow yourself
to experience this reality
within the center of your being

and within every cell of your body
the more you know that you are divine
as is all around you.

It is from this perspective
that transformation, transcendence
and transfiguration
will accomplish the task
of the next evolutionary step of humanity.

Gayle’s Reflection:

Today, I asked SOS if I should close my office space in Plymouth and move back home – the title says one thing, and the text says something else. I am home – me-within my divine physical body. It is always with me. It houses my light being and soul spirit. Whenever I need or want, I can focus there -my essence self. Re-identifying myself as God centered.

So what does this say to me?

Close the doors and move my client practice back to my house?
Do more centering practice in my office space?
Begin to see myself- feel my essence as God?

Oh the blasphemy!
It is all rather confusing and crazy making at times.
Am I God/Goddess?
Am I a slave to the system needing money every day to survive?
Am I a sensitive, creative artist who is unable and unwilling to continue to battle in the world in order to survive?
Am I ever really at home in this body, walking around this Earth?

“It is in the center of your being that you will learn to re-identify the self as God centered.” I am Goddess and I neglect my self-realization of this fact.

Receiving all that comes and goes I am the creator of much of it. Some of it was thrust upon me and some of it repeated unconsciously.
Today the focus of repetition is in neglect. As an example…

Check out Dr. Emoto’s test on 3 batches of cooked white rice sitting in a jar with a person applying love, negative judgment or neglect for 100 days, and see the interesting results.

The ignored-neglected batch was rotting, brown and decomposing.

The “you fool” jar was grey and brown from the top down with some white at the bottom of the jar. The gratitude was clean, pure and mostly white.

This experiment shows me that neglecting and ignoring expedites the decomposition of organisms. Seems it would be true with organisms of the human type as well. I now see how I neglect to engage my Goddess centered qualities… more practice required and more gratitude applied will result in maintaining beauty and health.
Even though my early life presented me with neglect and being treated as though I do not exist, I now have the choice to apply love to myself…from my own heart and find my true value and worthiness for being loved.

Thank you Barbara for helping me realize my own heart center of love.

See you tomorrow,
Love, Gayle

Un-Met Needs

Day 12 S.O.S Poetry Project

Un-Met Needs
By Barbara Brennan

It is with love,
held at your unhealthy boundary,
that an un-met need becomes tolerable
and then surrenders to the true need
which was your original intention of creation.

It is with love and acceptance
that you will help
that which is held frozen in time
to re-member itself into the creative pulse
your un-met needs are simply
that which you have been creating
that have not yet manifested in your life.

They are still held in the frozen time capsules
of your unresolved experiences,
awaiting release.

With love, focused consciousness,
light and forgiveness,
they are charged,
awakened into the light
and integrated into a fuller you,
in a most natural flow
of essence into manifestation.

In this way, you heal the old
and, in wonder, recognize the new
while honoring the ancient natural pulses of life.

Gayle’s Reflection

Barbara is describing the process of releasing a psycho-noetic time conglomerate, in other words: trapped emotions or experiences. As part of her teachings around consciousness we must learn to become aware of what is happening in our energy field, even though it’s not visible to our own eyes – we feel it. She defines the way to address the need that was stopped, interrupted, diminished, taken away, and suppressed within and became frozen in time.

The unhealthy boundary shows us where to look, to feel into and be met with love and acceptance for what was past. The split off we do to ourselves is there waiting to be returned to us- Re-membered. So when recognized and given the focused consciousness, love, and forgiveness we integrate it back into ourselves. The human energy field no longer vibrates the suppressed frequency of disappointment, fear, jealousy, and betrayal like it did prior to the reclaiming and integration process.

Everyone has unresolved experiences, feelings, and trauma, which until there is an internal conscious awakening to their existence and some form of release and acceptance on the emotion level, these trapped emotions will continue to flare up and repeat the negative patterns related to it. Sometimes there are many layers and the process is challenging.
The reward, however, is beyond measure and words.

There are many ways to recover these frozen places of un-met needs. I have surfed through many of my own and have had the great honor of guiding people through their own reclamations of un-met needs. When life becomes intolerable, look toward your un-met needs to find an answer. Look because you love yourself enough to find out.

Thank you, Barbara. For a long time I never knew I had unhealthy boundaries on un-met needs.

See you tomorrow,
Love, Gayle.

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