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Seeds of the Spirit

Day 9 S.O.S Poetry Project

“Seeds of the Spirit”
by Barbara Brennan

It is with deep respect and honor
that we greet you here in this setting
for it is no accident that you are here now,
come here to remember
bring back into remembrance
who it is that you are
and what your purpose is here upon this earth.

And so, I ask you,
why is it that you are here?
What is that sweet longing
that you carry in your soul?
How is it that you have not allowed yourself
to express this longing in all the many ways
it seeks its freedom of expression?

It is with this sacred longing
and the seeds of the spirit
that you will find your path in this life
that you will find your purpose.

Yet all of you are already, firmly,
on that path of transformation, transcendence
and transfiguration.

Where are you now in this moment?
What is it that you wish for yourself?
Even on the level of human desires
there is therein the spiritual seed.
Open your heart to yourself
and listen ever so carefully and gently
to that sweet soul’s longing.

Gayle’s Reflections

Remember who you are. Remember who I am. I remember sitting in the ballroom when BB said these words to a group of 700-800 souls. The words and the vibration they carry continues to stir my soul into remembering. I am not what others think I am. I am me. Do I even take a breath long enough to feel where I am in this moment? Sometimes.

People hurry us to grow up and fit into the peg holes and cubicles designed to keep us small and in alignment with the process of conformity men have built all around us. In this push to become something…someone…we can lose ourselves, and our sweet desires get buried in the earth, remaining unexpressed for long periods of time.

I remember my sweet longing and how it was executed and diminished by my mother. How dare she shove me into a little box she wanted for herself. Sadly it worked for a while. To this day, the longing persists and from time to time I experience its full expression… Oh the delightful joy! That seed of my spirit is taking root now 35 years later.

So I say to you…water those seeds. Let them see the light of day. Imagine feeling the joy and satisfaction life can be when you experience the fruition of your sweet longing you carry in your soul.

Take the questions of this verse, write them down. Spend time with them to uncover what lay hidden, too fearful to be shown or engaged. Tune into your heart and allow the movement of the soul’s longing to come forth. Breathe into it and choose freedom or prison.

Thank you Barbara, I am able now to give myself permission to develop and allow my soul’s purpose upon this earth. I am a TEACHER!

See you tomorrow.
Love, Gayle

Super Nova Explosion

Day 8 S.O.S Poetry Project

“Super Nova Explosion”
by Barbara Brennan

Utilize all that has been before,
that you consider negative,
to be the vitamins and minerals that feed the growing being within you.

Just as a young baby
is nurtured in the womb,
utilize these residuals within you.

Rather than taking them out,
rather than clearing them,
transmute them
by identifying with your true essence.

Move your conscious awareness into this passionate core essence.
Allow it to expand
throughout all of your field,
all of your being,
in a super nova explosion of light.

Gayle’s Reflections

How does that happen, an explosion of light within the self? It can be as simple as the proverbial light bulb idea moment or it could be such a powerful awakening of consciousness your entire body begins to shiver and quake, releasing all the particles of held energy related to a particular belief. It is exiting out of your molecular structure. Hence the term super nova explosion to describe such a powerful release of energy.

All it takes is a moment of clarity (light bulb) to make a decision to become more enlightened, conscious, aware, awakened or evolved. This decisive intention sends out the Batman signal to come here and show me the transmutation. Next thing you know every ounce of negative vitamins and minerals arrive at your door to be welcomed in for the reconfiguration to love.

Barbara is saying use these nutrients as fuel, food and water to transmute the pain and suffering of the negative experience. We cannot “undo” the events that hurt us. They are there imprinted on our cellular memory bank. The best we can choose is to understand the core of the experience, recognize it as a part of one’s self and rather than pushing away this uncomfortable part of “me”, do as you would for a toddler who was crying and hurt. You would pick her up, hold her close, offer words of comfort, and understanding for the suffering being experienced in the moment. When you do this with the things you hate most about your own being the battle within subsides. The inner conflict is met with love and a compassionate welcome.

Barbara describes the core star as an energy point in the center of the body. It is the essence of who we are as light beings. Bring that hurt energy you have always tried to get rid of to this place with love for yourself and your negative experiences.
Bring every negative event, feeling, belief to your core star and make a conscious shift to loving every dark, scary aspect of yourself. Feel the Super Nova Explosion of love resonating through your consciousness systems bringing in more light.

I’ve done this practice many times when I was feeling so rejected. Being the new kid in school every year, sometimes twice, I felt outside the group. Slowly, when the feelings would show up again, I took the opportunity to allow them to express and then I ushered them with love into my core star essence, located in the middle of my body. I soon realized that if I keep rejecting myself it would be impossible to feel welcomed and accepted by anyone. Over time and with several applications, those feelings of rejection diminished and no longer kept repeating in my life experiences. When the Super Nova Explosion of light penetrates your being you have welcomed yourself home.

Thank you, Barbara. Today, I am happy to be experiencing my life as a Super Nova of light.

See you tomorrow.
Love, Gayle

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