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Day 3 S.O.S Poetry Project

by Barbara Brennan

Any self-judgment
can remind you
that you are blinding yourself
to the greatness of life,
your creations,
your life,
your self.

“Who do you think you are?”
with the truth.

Not the limited, negative tradition
that you have been taught
in an erroneous way
to keep you safe.

It does not keep you safe.
It keeps you fractured,
and in pain.

Gayle’s Reflection- Day 3

“Who do you think you are?”
with the truth.

This question in the middle of the poem is the basis of who I am. Is the question that reminded me how small and insignificant I was. This question once held a reign of terror over me as it was only delivered to me in an accusatory way when I stepped of alignment with who I was “supposed” to be. It often occurred when I was choosing something for myself, exploring and discovering what I like about who I am. Those words “who do you think you are?” cut me sharply and I learned to dodge its blow by conforming to the expectations of others. In doing so, the path to answering the question with my truth became long, twisted and confusing in my attempts to discover the authentic me while wearing the mask of expectations, responsibility and conformity.

Today, the question no longer holds the fear or energetic charge trapping me in a life of conformity. Looking at it with my true face on, I can choose my response to it truthfully and with excitement and joy, because of the path I am now standing upon. There is no authority to keep me from expressing my true self. All I have to do now is allow the creation of my life to flow through me, rather than being arrested at the judgment of another. I am still in the process of creating me through self-discovery, self-discernment, leaving the self-judgments at the door. Thereby, allowing all of who I am to be revealed. I now choose more consciously the expression of me, my creations, and my life.

Who do you think I am you may ask?
I say to you…
I am disciplining my mind daily to transform the imprinted, limiting negative thoughts about myself. You know…you have yours.
I am happily writing to you now.
I am healthy in my body.
I am joyful in my heart.
I feel excited for the greatness in my life.
I am living my life with less pain and more love. I am deeply grateful for it all.

Tell me now…Who do think you are?
What are your self-judgments?
Is it time to be less separated from yourself?
Practice I am and I feel statements every day, all day in order to change the feeling
neuro-circuitry of early childhood programming we all get in some form. It can change your life. It takes time, practice and commitment. You can do it. I did.

Thank you Barbara for helping me have permission to discover who I really am.
See you tomorrow.
Love, Gayle.

The Universal Responses To Your Choices

Day 2 S.O.S Poetry Project

“The Universal Responses To Your Choices”
By Barbara Brennan

What is this beautiful spiritual longing
that you carry in your high heart?
What is it that you most long to do?

For once you choose,
you will be carried by a set of circumstances
that you could not even imagine
as the universe responds to your choice
with great support.

Now, perhaps, the set of circumstances
aren’t what you expected, to say the least. Perhaps what you expected
would be an easy go of it, so to speak.

However, if you have come here
to test your love,
then indeed, that is what you will do
from the greater perspective
of your wholeness and wisdom.
To test love you will go into the dark places in your soul, and that of others.

To test courage will require,
and therefore attract fear.
To test wisdom, you may find yourself
sunk into ignorance and forgetting.
To test ability to become clear,
indeed you will walk into confusion.

None of it is an accident,
it is what you have set yourself for.

Gayle’s Reflection

Beginning with a prayer I open the book. The title itself opens me to my own heart, realizing how supported I really am. The Universal response to my choice to do this project is letting me know absolutely I will achieve my desire with the help of spirit and the unseen realms.

There have been many opportunities for me to accept this as fact. (Yet I resist and disbelieve again and again.) For my life experiences have shown and proved to me repeatedly this is true. Most recently I made a strong choice and decision to being married again. Well wouldn’t you know—My higher-self began to show me what went wrong in previous relationships and the depth of what was lost in my marriage.

For the last nine months I went into those emotions as stated here, accessing my courage to explore deeper the unconscious places around my marriage and what happened in it. I discovered marriage is the ultimate test of love.

I saw my ignorance. I saw my fear. I saw where I was unclear. I felt my confusion around circumstances I had not yet understood. Again I felt my grief for what was lost.

Out of it I gathered more wisdom and allowed myself loving acceptance of whom I was then and who I am now. Consciously resolving the unconscious inner conflicts which keep me from deep committed love was the best gift I could not have imagined. My choice of getting married was given to me through Universal Response.

Thank you Universe. I have found more of myself amidst the dark places in my broken heart. I could not have imagined I would find so much of myself while asking to find another.

Thank you Barbara.
See you tomorrow.

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