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Saturday, November 15, 2014

EIGHT: (Harmonic Resonance)

empowerment, galactic grid, path of the one heart

Gayle’s Reflection:
Friday and Saturday are essentially two 8’s in a row. This means we are really anchoring the energy of harmony into ourselves, the Earth and the galactic grids surrounding the Earth. Mayan numbers are lines and dots. Lines equal 5 dots and dots equal one each. The first line represents the 5 parts of human physical form and ego. The next level of dots represents our spiritual/essential side.

With 8 the infinity is formed through self and trinity through which we become empowered by knowing consciously we have both within us. Today is a good day to create more harmony and come into resonance with the flow of life. Let go of the ego self and get on the path of the one heart.

Friday, November 14, 2014



personal myth, meta-myth, purpose, miracle on Earth, new golden octave, path of innocence, present moment

Gayle’s Reflection:
New Myth confirms that all of our consciousness growth we practiced this week is actually working. We completed a cycle (M-F) and made a new octave of consciousness. You may notice metaphors appearing that confirm this expansion you chose to engage with this week. The Universal Source longs for you to fully awaken to the creation of your personal myth and life purpose. “You are being asked to view your experiences from a mythical stand point so that you remember your connection to the larger pattern.” (The Mayan Oracle) When you acknowledge these changes via the metaphors, more and more will appear to further acknowledge, anchor and confirm your new belief in the collective awakening of which you are a part.

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