Sunday, September 28, 2014


Qualities: abundance, harvest, chalice, emptiness, open vessel, quickening

Gayle’s Reflection:
EB is a card of abundance which often appears at harvest time. The golden-orange color reminds me of pumpkins and wheat. Whenever I pull it from the deck, I laugh and become joyful as I know it is time for me to empty out myself and create space in my barn. For in order to receive the blessings of the harvest, there must be a clear, clean receptacle that is willing to hold all that is being offered.

Whenever lack appears, it is a reminder to be open to all of what the universe offers us for it is infinite. Choosing to be empty while awaiting the harvest is a point of trust. Lack is only fear there is not enough. Allow yourself to have a few moments to let the fear in. Notice how it feels, allow the feelings to flow out as you ask…’what’s this about?’ Acknowledge the lack/fear is sometimes all that is neede to transmute the repeating pattern of “not enough” The conscious mind knows there is more than enough of everything for everyone. Consciously choosing to re-connect to this belief when we feel threatened or fearful that we will not survive the winter and death, diminishes the opportunites for fear and lack to return. Choose Abundance Abundantly!

Often the world shows us where we are not enough, don’t have enough, cannot do enough to please the Ego master. As we detach from the insanity of this limiting belief we create more space that allows gifts that are nourishing to us to appear. When it arrives we must consciously, joyfully celebrate and be grateful for the abundance given without expectation. Be receptive, Be empty, the time is here to be quickened into activation to the 5D with your full potential.

Affirmation: “I am an open chalice. I am the joyful expression of the abundance of the universe.”

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Resolution of Duality


perception of duality, mass consciousness, personal resolution, integration of polarity

Gayle’s Reflection:
The term mass consciousness jumps out at me today. I am amazed at how the levels of consciousness around war and abuse, killing and power are manifesting for the entire planet to bear witness to. We cannot escape it. How are we able to walk through these burning fires and elicit a better outcome for love? Can the polarities that confront us be managed and resolved through the exercise of more love, patience, understanding and communication? Is it possible for world leaders to do such when we are not doing it on a personal level?

We as a nation are challenged by this on a daily basis. Us vs. Them everywhere around us. How can we find our way through the morass of complicated situations being shown? One way is to become the resolution of duality within one’s own being, as it is connected directly to the mass consciousness.

Maybe consider how am I being unloving, impatient, confused and in disconnect toward myself. Where can I reconnect or resolve the places where I may have abused myself or another? To what end am I powerless or overpowering of others? By asking questions Universal Source will provide you some response to assist in resolving the duality within you, as well as, what the mass consciousness is mirroring for humanity to correct.

Through integration of your personal dualities and limiting beliefs a transmutation occurs which shifts a perspective within and is reflected in the outer reality of the world. I encourage you to engage with your unconscious feelings, thoughts and belief systems that are enmeshed in duality. Move gradually toward unity consciousness within your heart and the collective consciousness will also shift.

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