Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Pronunciation: moo’ look
Qualities: signals, signs, awakened attention, understanding, self-remembrance, divine guidance, Godseed, cosmic communication, beacon

Shadow Wisdom: Self-forgetting, negative self-talk, self-deprecation; lacking awareness of signs offered by cosmic communication; hiding the fullness of your light.

Shadow Transformation: Take off the veil of forgetfulness. Become the beacon of awakened awareness. As you open to self-remembrance, you will freely receive divine guidance. Be with others who support your fullest expression

Gayle’s Reflection:
Choosing Muluc means be on the lookout for sings and signals which confirm and validate your thoughts feelings and intentions. I began noticing this as I was driving. License plates held messages of confirmation about things I had just said or was thinking about. Songs on the radio did the same thing. Even television sent me messages when people in my family were ill or dying.

Same is true for Mother Nature. If you understand how to use metaphor she will send you information in the cloud formations, through trees and animals too. Native Americans were deeply knowing and respectful of the truth found in such messages.

So today, be awakening to your own divine guidance which is ready to be speaking to you as soon as you are ready to listen. Remind yourself of this by saying the Affirmation frequently today. Especially when you realize you received a message from your divine guidance. This will anchor it and the universe appreciates you are acknowledging what is being offered and will send offer more.

Affirmation: “As a galactic beacon and receiver, I have direct access to the divine.”

Tuesday, November 18, 2014



Qualities; abyss, mystery, sanctuary, serenity, “looks within” place, enclosing darkness, journey into self, stillness, dreamtime, dreamfield matrix, dream exploration.

Affirmation: “I pilgrimage deep within, to the sanctuary of self, to garner the gifts awaiting me there.”

Gayle’s Reflection:
Akbal again? What? At the beginning of the week it signifies the continuation of the journey into darkness. It is remarkable how the Mayans were timekeepers. They are still able to show us how to follow the path of the sun with our own inner reflection.

During November nighttime enfolds around us earlier and earlier our dreamtime is extended. Last night I dreamed about dowsing tools (Y-Rod). Today I took an order for 50 pieces. The dreamtime holds much information for us. Learn how to become a conscious dreamer. It will help you create a new reality for yourself. Your thoughts and intentions will become manifest faster than you dreamed possible.

Allow Akbal’s dreamfield matrix to advance your connected to the abyss of creation and all that emerges from it.

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