Friday, September 26, 2014



Pronunciation: ee’meesh
Qualities: source of life, divine nurturance and support, primordial Mother, undivided primal waters, primal trust and nourishment, receptivity.

Gayle’s Reflection: Primal Trust and Nourishment
Imix is a beautiful which when I look at it reminds me of the Sun showering the Earth and through the sacred spiral of spirit all things grow. The four rods at the bottom resemble wheat or plant matter that have no lack of trust in the primordial mother to provide all elements for growth. It is the first card in the order of the Oracle and represents primal trust and survival. The deep garnet color reflects the molten lava core of the Earth as well as the womb of fertile women.

“Primal trust means making conscious choices moment by moment, with no guarantees. It means not trying to control the outcomes in your life. Trust your steering mechanisms for heart-knowing.”

Are you able to trust the Primordial mother to meet all your needs? She can and she does.
Are you allowing and receiving the gifts of nourishment that are arriving for you? Breathe them in.
RECEIVE fully with every cell of your body.
Maybe you feel unsupported and are struggling with issues of lack. Call on IMIX to supply all you need for your survival. When it shows up for you, build your trust in the Divine by noticing what has arrived and have gratitude for the timing. Know you are worthy to receive all the gifts offered by our Mother.

Use the affirmation to call it unto you…
Affirmation: “I trust unconditionally the source of divine nurturance.”

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Language of Light


Gateway, direct access, transmissions, feelings, preparation for ascension, transcendent consciousness.

Gayle’s Reflection:
“This lens heralds your approach to an interdimensional gateway.” Oh yeah, on the heels of Lamat we open to greater consciousness while crafting a new light body. Are you ready to go to 5D?

The opportunity for more light to come in to the new paradigms being offered on the planet today. We must join together to limit the spread of darkness in the world. We must trust our inner knowing to do what feels right. Our feelings reveal to us great amounts of information that can lead us toward our desire for more light when we follow a good feeling. When we move away from it fear then stomps out the light of love.

Direct access to all knowledge for our life is available at all times through our feelings and our inner knowing. Trust those strong or first impressions. Follow the metaphors that arrive repeatedly attempting to speak to you through a new Language of Light. The symbols have meaning and are coded for your unconscious to become more conscious.

Listen to those women and children who reveal what might not be immediately logical or anchored to reason. Truth will find its’ way as you continue to trust and follow what is being shown to you.

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