Monday, September 22, 2014



Qualities; abyss, mystery, sanctuary, serenity, “looks within” place, enclosing darkness, journey into self, stillness, dreamtime, dream-field matrix, dream exploration.

I find it interesting that on this day of equal light and darkness we connect with Akbal. The quality that jumps out at me is the enclosing darkness. We go more toward the dark from this day forward until the winter solstice. Use it to look within ourselves and our relationships. The new moon in Libra supports our conscious connection to relationships of all sorts.

What are the relationships which need your attention now? Is it for your inner world? Maybe the people in your life are calling forth some review. Perhaps you feel the darkness enclosing around you regarding some limiting belief or your own internal process. The time is ripe today. Go for it! Allow the issues around relationship to be acknowledged with loving attention. Be silent with the feelings and allow the silence to reveal the gift hidden within.

In order for me to write these words, I had to go within. Today, I was called to take a look at how as a single mother I struggle to pay my bills and my relationship with money. So I pulled out my Flower of Life Focus Wheel and did a clearing on my feelings of powerlessness, unworthiness and oppression over the feminine. I processed my limiting unconscious beliefs around being financially sound, solvent and confident that I can care for myself financially throughout my entire life. I am noticing this kind of limiting belief is also permeating through the collective unconscious NOW as many women who have been financially dependent on men (some of whom have been abusive) choose to become financially independent.

This a period of equal day/night and the Libra New Moon supports the Divine Feminine coming to full awakening. Therefore, it is perfect timing for claiming the self and ability to acquire and retain wealth.
How is it helping you claim your balance and harmony within? What are your gifts hidden under old limiting beliefs? Are you ready to explore the dark mystery of Akbal?

Affirmation: “I pilgrimage deep within, to the sanctuary of self, to garner the gifts awaiting me there.”

Monday September 15, 2014



Pronunciation: ee’sh
Qualities: integrity, heart-knowing, alignment with divine will, magician, shaman, jaguar, night seer, priest, torch bearer.

Gayle’s Reflection: This is a wonderful card for starting the week. Mondays can be challenging as we begin the work week with resistance to letting go of the weekend. We may feel our lives out of our own control as the need for a pay check dominates our actions. In the workplace, our need for approval and recognition steps back into play as we put on our “work faces”. Maybe you are fortunate enough to have the freedom to be yourself at work. If not, aligning with the work environment is often a potent stressor. The shadow of IX is reflected here where perhaps our thinking is out of alignment with our heart knowing.

Sometimes we know our work is not in alignment with our heart wants. Just notice where you are feeling it in your body and make small adjustments to get back in alignment. Do that by finding a point of relief with what you are thinking, feeling or doing. Just breathe deeply and remind yourself “this too shall pass” or “all is well”. Or maybe use the affirmation below.

Our world shows us this shadow as well. The NFL is a great teacher of men. They have been teaching men that it is ok to be violent with one another, in fact it is glorified and you are promoted. Now the shadow of this is exposed. We are seeing where the NFL must teach men that the violence has its place ONLY on the playing field.

Please NFL ,MLB, NBA, NHL and ALL institutions, military, academia, justice system, Hollywood, businesses, government in all forms… do not cover and protect those who are violent, or abusive to women and children. Watch and remember what you teach boys and men when you allow these acts to go unpunished or minimized.

This is the shadow of IX showing it to us today that our institutions are out of integrity.
We must come into our hearts and align with what is correct action.
How can you do this for yourself today? Choose what is best for YOUR HEART!

Affirmation: “Through heart-knowing, I am in natural alignment with divine will.

I pray for the alignment of hearts and minds for all leaders today!
Love Gayle

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