Tuesday September 16, 2014



Qualities: seed, seeding manifestation, self-germination, creation, fertile ground, gestation, opening, erupting possibility.

Gayle’s Reflection:
What seeds to you want to plant as we stabilize during this time of equal day and night? Soon the days will become shorter and what seeds will germinate during the dark time?
Maybe it is only about feeling into the darkness as it envelopes us and we prepare for winter.
Maybe it is time to reflect on all that we grew outside this past season.
Maybe we take time to choose what our inside creations will be.
Maybe we sink into the infinite possibilities we have within us to explore or express.

Know that it will arrive in its’ right time.
Know that germination is a time for nurture and secret sowing of inspirations.
Know that Kan is your opening to possibility that you can choose to engage for its’ power is potent.
Know that your intentions, projects, and dreams will be searching for your receptivity and allowing heart.

Remember to seed your heart’s desire at a time when the alignment is ready.
Remember to feel the seed emerging into your womb of creation.
Remember to feel the joy of this creation even before it is made manifest.
Remember your love and willingness to begin again.

Affirmation: “ I AM the fertile ground and the self-germinating seed of possibility.”

Choose consciously your creations.
Love Gayle

Wednesday September 17, 2014



Qualities: centeredness, synergy, synchronicity, Earth force, galactic alignment, Earth keeper, fluid world resonance, clue tracking crystal healing, shield

Gayle’s Reflection:
Caban is the card that reminds us that we are learning how to be in alignment.
This involves self-awareness. It is awareness that we must learn how to feel.
When you feel out of sorts, chances are you are out of alignment.
Being in alignment means you are in the flow of cosmic consciousness.
When you recognize how that feels, you will understand how much easier it is to BE in alignment with the waves of energy which is constantly surrounding us. Check in with how it feels. Practice.

Native peoples know about being in the flow, because they are in tune with the Earth. City folk are not so much.
Can you feel the pulse around you? What is the Earth telling you? What are the stars telling you?
Tune in and ask yourself what am I feeling?

The card shows us the sacred spiral that is all of creation, of which we are a part.
Come into the moment and be present, fully, consciously with all your senses open and feeling what is here. Listen to the information coming to you in so many forms. Those co-incidences you are noticing are the signal to realize you are in the flow of cosmic consciousness. It is a place where you can create what gives you joy. Look for the larger patterns. They will teach you something. This card tells you to look for the larger patterns emerging. It may be a strong feeling or a repetition of many telling you the same information. Observe and reach your conclusions by way of your first impressions. They are usually correct. Trust the synchronicities!

I love this card.
Affirmation: “I AM aligned with my center, Earth force aligned with cosmic force.”

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