Evolving Through the Ages

Day 1 S.O.S Poetry Project

“Evolving Through the Ages”
By Barbara Brennan

It was most important for human beings
to go through the age of enlightenment
and the scientific revolution
in order to find new ways of perceiving reality.

One of the unfortunate side effects
of the scientific revolution
is the sometimes even complete
self-identification with it and physical reality.

And so, now, you seekers of the light
wish to find your way out of something
you have been in your entire life.

There is confusion between the “inner truth”
and so-called “outer truth”.
They are really the same.

It is only the framework
in which you describe the physical world
and its not fitting into your inner reality
that is the problem.

The primary difficulty is that consciousness
has been separated out of the material world
in most of your so-called
“cultured societies” on earth.

Recognize consciousness
in all physical manifestations
and you will have the key to set yourselves free.

Gayle’s Invitation to The Poetry Project S.O.S

It is a new year — 2014. I am told it is the year of manifestation. January each year is another opportunity to reflect and renew our commitment to the journey of life. This year I am committing myself to a daily practice of opening my teacher’s book of poetry to share and reflect with my tribe.

Seeds of the SpiritDr. Barbara Brennan is an amazing human being who has created many things including an international school of healing (which I successfully graduated from) and many books. The books for her school are text books filled with diagrams and chapters full of the essential scientifically calibrated understanding of The Human Energy Consciousness systems. She also authored as a part of her teachings a series of spiritual wisdom books known as “Seeds of the Spirit”. These are the books I am offering to share with you.

I am choosing each day to open the book and the poem on the page will inevitably be a source of inspiration toward our evolutionary process we are currently experiencing. For years, I have done this practice, and have received deep insights, revelations, inspirations and solutions of how to live in love and truth.

Dr. Brennan has given us a great gift and this year of 2014, I am committed to sharing a portion of the wisdom of the ages through her writings and my reflections about them. So dear reader, come visit each day as we ride the waves of expansion and contraction of human consciousness and evolution. I welcome you to add your love, thoughts, observations or experiences to the posts.

Through this path of sharing I am honoring Barbara’s gift of light and truth. I do this for myself, my family, and the global community of Brennan Healers, in order to shine our light out to you. It is time to come out of the shadows with who we really are.

Here is your invitation to join me in our collective awakening as we navigate together the rocky road to enlightenment.

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