Friday, October 17, 2014


Pronnunciation: k’eeb
Qualities: grace, trust, inner voice, galactic conduit, reception, mystic transmission, divine communication, cosmic consciousness, golden pillar, ferryman’s staff.

Gayle’s Reflection
This entire week is evolving into aa practice of connecting with spirit in order to become more of ourselves. CIB give us permission to claim our own power by realizing that we are divine. That we have the truth of the mystic within us and all we need do is trust that inner voice and become a conduit for cosmic consciousness.

Every time I pull this card I get very excited, because I feel like I have permission to be my strong intuitive self. I want a power stick that will usher me into a place of authority. Merlin had one, Moses had one. Where are the female images that have a ferry-woman’s staff of authority? After all we are the ones who usher life onto the planet and we are there at the end of life throughout the dying process with loved ones.

The closest Image we get are witches with broomsticks. I want a new image. If you know of a mythical image of a female with a power stick, please send me a note. I would love to create a list I can refer to when I am feeling powerless. Use CIB today and say out loud with a true sense of authority. You may have to practice it for we women are conditioned to be quite or even silent. SAY it in the mirror with your full diaphragm into it. “I claim my staff of authority of who I AM as a creator of life. I AM powerful woman creating life…physical life. “

As you continue to trust the signals from guidance you will develop abilities that will become stronger. Grace and trust surround us always. Call forth your power stick today! Use the affirmation. Say it again and again.

Affirmation: “I Take UP the STAFF of MY POWER!”

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