Friday, October 3, 2014



Pronunciation: eek’
Qualities: spirit, breath, inspiration, presence, truth, co-creator of reality, simplicity, unseen forces, integration of polarities.

Gayle’s Reflections:
When I look at this card my brain doesn’t make the connection to spirit or unseen forces. It appears so linear with a defined form. It represents air, the direction north, and without it we would not be inspired to anything. For without breath we cannot exist. Perhaps the symbol helps to bring form from the formless. Even though our eyes cannot see inspiration we know when we are inspired as our thoughts become super-charged with energy also known as excitement. It is a top-down experience. The symbol reveals that inspiration originates from the brain and the breath then moves to the belly where it becomes manifest.

If you doubt your connection to Spirit, know that it happens from time to time for most everyone. Get in touch the Divine by acting on your inspiration. Each time you do that you will develop a stronger bond, and trust in your own knowing will follow. Your ability to co-create your life will expand. Allow the unseen forces to be your guide.

Affirmation: “I am the unified presence of Spirit.”

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