Good Day Dear Heart, Remember always to honor Yourself and God first. Together you are One. From this place of honor all things are possible. Behind that is Gratitude and from there Grace opens up and shines itself upon you. You are Honor. You are Grace. Remember to begin each day with this and open to allow and receive what is to follow. All will come to you effortlessly when you allow yourself to Be Who You Are. These things will bring a smile and a wink to your face as you remember the secret of it all.

The Joy that follows is yours alone with God opening with Love for all creation. All creation is now available to you as you remember your greatness. As you remember your beautiful heart. As you remember to follow the beating pulse of your Life Creation for You are the creator. You are one with God and Self. Remember to be and then follow what comes next and you will find your greatest JOY: YOU! Remember Who YOU ARE! Honor Who You ARE. Allow the Grace.

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