Monday, September 29, 2014



Reflected image of the one, greater reality, expanded viewpoint, evolution into wholeness

Gayle’s Reflections:
I work with the hologram every day in my practice. I learned how to do this at BBSH (Barbara Brennan School of Healing). Barbara taught us on a very visceral level that we are all connected to each other and the earth. That there really is no separation, that we are all merely parts of a whole and reflections of one anothers’ pain and love.

As I allowed my viewpoint to expand and began to see myself as more than what I could see and feel, the world and universes opened up and my vision of possibilities increased. Choosing to explore this further gave me a path toward using the hologram of the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry, a variety of cellular structures within the body, and planetary consciousness templates to name a few of the holograms I work with. Many of my clients have transformed as a result.

The holographic energy is potent for today. Ask if you see yourself as a part of the greater whole of humanity that is living out a passion play for transforming consciousness? Can you see the reflection of yourself in your lovers actions? Where do you have a common feeling or situation with women who have been abused? Are you victim? Are you perpetrator? Who are you at war with?

Seek to understand yourself and find the gifts within these reflections.

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