Obstacles Focus Your Attention

Day 17 SOS Poetry Project

Obstacles Focus Your Attention
By Barbara Brennan

What is this sacred holy longing
within you?
What do you wish to use
the rest of your life for?
How do you wish to spend your time?
With whom?
Doing what?

What is it that you wish to create
from deep within your interior that, perhaps
you have had a small glimpse of,
even a magnificent obsession with,
and yet, for some “reason”
it appears not to be happening.

Consider the possibility
that everything that you may have experienced
in the “so-called” past
that appear to be obstacles in your way
are actually stepping stones.

Lessons, experiences
that are giving you exactly the learning
that you need to accomplish
this sacred longing within you.

When you begin to recognize
these so called “obstacles” as stepping stones,
it will be much easier
to switch your intention
to attention to what is occurring
in the sacred moment of now.

Gayle’ s Reflection:

Open your eyes and begin to see the obstacles as stepping stones. Wow! The last four months have been filled with obstacles littering my landscape like mines beneath the surface. One wrong move and BOOM! Explosion and debris everywhere. This process of coming apart and coming back together with focus on life purpose is what we all do. Gratitude for the journey helps ease the frustration of the recurring wound-bomb-obstacle that will eventually be set off.

The explosion brings the hidden pain to the surface to focus on and for us to love and transform that aspect of our being. Avoiding or moving around the obstacles keeps us trapped in places we really don’t want to be in. Such as jobs that make us feel small or relationships that have more conflict than we want. The mines are there to guide us toward our true selves relieving us of our “so-called” past. As we resolve the pain within the obstacle into healing balm, a vista of where we really are opens to us.

Learning the lessons, witnessing the transforming obstacle to the stepping stone brings our attention and focus to our real desires, our true purpose and heart’s desire. It is almost as if they are hidden underneath the boulder where they did not dare to come out, be visible, and found. This metaphor obstacle/boulder to stepping stone gives us permission to look and find out the truth.

Let yourself arrive at the lessons and experiences with fresh eyes focused on the PRIZE – YOU – YOUR LIFE! Allow yourself to explore it and bring it forward with your full attention on you. What you want to create as your life.

Focus upon the stepping stone of lessons and experiences and choose to sing and beam brightly your passion play.

Thank you Barbara, I now see the obstacles as the stepping stones of my life.

See you tomorrow,
Love, Gayle

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