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Flower of Life Focus Wheel Attractor



THE LAW OF ATTRACTION has been a course of study I have been pursuing for the last 4 years. During this time, I have learned how to monitor my emotional well being and developed skill at managing my emotions in such a way that I feel happy and joyful most of the time. Of course, there are times when that is not the case, yet I am able to maneuver myself from those lower vibrating feelings and thoughts more readily than ever before. I achieved this in part, through the teachings of ESTER & JERRY HICKS & ABRAHAM, BRENNAN HEALING SCIENCE, ENERGY TOUCH ADVANCED HEALING, REIKI and my own intuitive inspiration regarding human consciousness within an energy field context. From these teachings I have taken various aspects and sacred geometry to develop a template which accelerates the focus wheel contrasting process. I call it THE FLOWER OF LIFE FOCUS WHEEL ATTRACTOR©.

THE FLOWER OF LIFE FOCUS WHEEL ATTRACTOR© utilizes the premise of getting in one’s vortex of well being and emphasizing the creation of this vortex through amplification of it with the creative energy of the FLOWER OF LIFE sacred geometric pattern. It is a unique way of contrasting what I am feeling that I wish to change into a more positive experience.

Here’s how it works:

First, identify the thought, feeling or experience that you do not want in your life, place it at the top of Vine Line Template©. Next, translate the negative statement to the opposite, positive thought, feeling or experience and place it in the center of FLOWER OF LIFE FOCUS WHEEL ATTRACTOR©. There you are able to re-create a new, preferred thought, feeling or experience which will reside at the core of the FLOWER OF LIFE FOCUS WHEEL©. This creates and establishes your new, preferred vortex of well being. Proceed to utilize the remaining Vine Lines © on the template to fetter out the other negative thought, feeling or experience which is relevant to the primary statement. Then find the opposite and place those new, enjoyable statements of thought, feeling and experience, in the circles on the edge of THE FLOWER OF LIFE FOCUS WHEEL©. The statements negative and positive carry a vibration and you will notice a shift, release, and perhaps some emotion as you spend the time in the PROCESS. It is a clearing opportunity.

As you do this regularly for various situations, problems, or feelings that arise, you will be more able to shift a perspective, thought or feeling in the moment needed. Over time you will see, the more you work or PLAY with THE FLOWER OF LIFE FOCUS WHEEL ATTRACTOR © and process the thoughts, feelings or experiences with it, a new, preferred CONSCIOUS ENERGY SYSTEM or vortex will develop. Gradually, the preferred thought, feeling or experience becomes the dominate force in your life and you will find that whatever you place on THE FLOWER OF LIFE FOCUS WHEEL ATTRACTOR© you begin to consciously create. Wow does that feel GOOD!


I have been PLAYING with THE FLOWER OF LIFE FOCUS WHEEL© for some time, and as an energy healer, I am happy to offer coaching and clearing for those of you interested in getting this started. You will need to purchase the template and begin.

I have found and utilized several tips while in the FLOWER OF LIFE FOCUS WHEEL PROCESS and would love to share these experiences with you in the form of a one hour session. We could connect on the phone or video cam via SKYPE and I would assist your beginning the process until you are comfortable. My fee for the one hour session is $50.00 and the template is $15.00. The template includes all the colors of the 7 Chakras.

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