Saturday, October 18, 2014


Quantum leap, expanded reality, web of possibility, assemblage points, the unknown

Gayle’s Reflection
Are you feeling a shift in the realms these days? Hard to avoid isn’t it? So much is affecting our belief systems that we have trusted for so long. We are being challenged to think, feel and be in a new way all the time. We daily have the choice to be drowning in fear or surrendering into love and the protection of our divine creator.

Realm Shift remains us to allow the free movement of our own being and choices. We are expanding and taking quantum leaps it seems on a daily basis as all of the patriarchal structures are breaking apart. What will we replace them with? What are the Feminine systems that can balance things out?

There are layers of strong emotions being released and crises of all sorts knocking at the door. Which will you let in? Fear or love? You get to choose. That is how the shift will take place and anchor on the earth. We are being called to choose on a daily basis. Choose LOVE. Choose LOVE. Choose LOVE. That would be a quantum leap toward something wonderful.

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