Saturday, October 25, 2014

ONE: (Unity)

unconditional love, one heart, indivisible essence, core vibration, new beginnings, chaliceof the infinite, All That Is

Gayle’s Reflection:
This has been a busy week of tuning in and consciously choosing, creating and experiencing. Today the number one creates a space where we can choose to come into our vibrational core. Venture into your center. Find the love. Is it unconditional? Are you feeling more separate than unified? Explore your essential self.

Understanding The Number One and discovering unity is the evolutionary process humanity is experiencing at this time. In order to deeply understand unity at the heart level you must begin to understand and know that “I AM one with myself, one with God, one with all of creation.” From this place deep love can occur. Deep healing is available and bliss abounds.

WE are all the same. We all want love. We all have love to give. Start with giving love unconditionally and with great abundance to you. That’s right, give it a go and see how it feels to tune into your own heart and love the person, the body, the feelings and all of the thoughts. Just for a day. Notice what feelings emerge into oneness.

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