Private sessions in person or long distance via skype or phone sessions:

Spiritual Midwifery ~ Birthing preparation and process for moms and dads
Ministry: Weddings, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Ceremony for other life transitions



Your energy field is sensitive to substances such as tobacco, caffeine and alcohol. Please refrain from using them 24 hours prior to a session. It is also recommended to clear your schedule of stressful activities after the session to allow adequate integration time. Remember healing is your responsibility and your body will respond quickly as you begin to take care of yourself as a whole being.


Can Energy Healing Help you?    YES it CAN!

Create YOUR  PHYSICAL, Emotional,  Mental and Spiritual Health with Energy Healing TODAY.

If you are suffering or struggling with any of the problems below, changing your human Vibrational Frequency Electrical  Field Signature can improve how you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.   Maybe this is how you feel…

Alcohol Dependency
Attention disorders
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Endocrine imbalance
Leaky gut syndrome
Migraine headaches
Physical Injury
Relationship Problems
Chemotherapy Side Effect
Radiation Side Effect
Back pain
Chronic Pain
Lyme Disease
Neck pain
Bipolar disorder

Recover Fast from surgical procedures with Energy Healing.


I’ll bet you would prefer to have more Joy, Happiness  AND PHYSICAL HEALTH in your daily life.  These conditions  and many more  can be improved and relieved with Energy Healing Treatments.

I guarantee you WILL feel some relief.



Are you ready to really feel good and BE YOURSELF?


I know I prefer to wake each morning feeling excited to begin my day.  Don’t let physical pain stop you from feeling great.   I can help you find your way out of the morass of physical pain and suffering through my system of energy healing and clearing of old emotional patterns, leading you to a higher VIBRATIONAL frequency of well-being.


It can be done!   You don’t have to re-live every pain and trauma!   If you are receiving minimal results with traditional medical practices and talk therapy, you can benefit and find relief where other methods have failed.


Energy Healing is an ancient and effective way to  relieve many chronic pain and emotionally distressing issues.  It is even being administered as REIKI in hospital settings across the US to many satisfied patients.


If you have any of the above problems, then energy healing is a way for you to have relief from PMS,  injury, neck pain, chronic fatigue, addiction through a series of sessions which will help you to understand your Vibrational Frequency Electrical Field  Signature and patterns connected to your physical or emotional pain.


You will reduce feelings of stress, become more energized, sleep better, awaken your creativity, and enjoy feeling more relaxed and balanced.

We will work together to figure out what works for YOU.

Using the tools I share you will gradually (sometimes immediately) free yourself from pain.

You can receive relief from migraines, back pain, and arthritis.

Addictive behaviors and alcohol dependency are also readily transformed.

Imagine being FREE of substances permanently!


Empower yourself by receiving the energy work I offer to create your new Vibrational Electrical  Frequency Signature in your Neuro-endocrine system,  your brain, nervous system, circulatory system and throughout your physical body.


ARE you ready to see what’s possible and feel better?

CAN you make a move to choose to feel even a little bit better today?

If you answered YES then you are ready to sign up to talk with me to see if this is right for you.


Schedule your FREE 15 MINUTE CONVERSATION at the Right Column and click and you are on your way to Relief.



As an advanced energy healer for over 17  years, I understand and have lived the human process of untangling and discovering my own unconscious emotional patterning and made a new one.  I have  recovered and established my essential self in a new plane of existence with my emotions and created lasting well-being.


I was no longer depressed, had more energy, became happy and even JOYFUL!


I did it without drugs, but I didn’t do it alone.  I reached out and re-created my emotional self with the help of many women, teachers, men, therapists, and mentors.

I have the experience of witnessing feelings within myself and know how it feels to be in a rut of grief and depression for years.

You will feel understood and helped by someone who has “Been there ~ Felt that” and changed it all.


By learning about and trusting my  “Emotional Wisdom” I discovered that it is a wonderful journey to experience getting to know and love ALL of me even better.  You will understand how the whole picture of YOU came to be.


 What a beautiful picture of health you will become.

Start today!

There is still time to feel relief.

Guess what ???



I can help guide you out of the stuck places where you have lingered perhaps too long.   We do it together with love, sacredness for the journey, laughter and honoring who you are, where you have been and who you want to become.


Gayle is an Advanced and Experienced Energy Healer and Teacher.   She is a Graduate of the Internationally known Barbara Brennan School of Healing and is a Reiki Master, visionary, artist and Holistic Health Practitioner Network developer.  She “Gets It” and she will “Get” you too.



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