Long Distance Sessions


Science tells us that we are all connected. If you have seen the movie AVATAR the premise that we are all connected is a major theme of the film. Mystics and religious have always believed that we are all one. That is why they pray for others. The prayers work via connection to all things through access to the ethers. Science is revealing the truth of our energetic connection more each day. I am not here to explain the science, I just know it works. I experience it daily. If you want to understand the science, just ask me and I will refer you some reading.

Here is how it works for you as client:

LONG DISTANCE ENERGY HEALING SESSION (this applies to in person sessions as well). Usually a client’s healing process begins when the appointment is set. Along the way you may experience subtle or powerful feelings, thoughts, revelations, or physical pain prior to the appointment and that is where we begin. That’s why you reached out for help. I am here to help, so we will connect on the telephone or by video if preferred. We will talk for a while to get acquainted with what’s happening with you. During this initial conversation I am aligning energetically and spiritually with your energy field and noticing what is present and asking for attention.

When our conversation is complete, you will relax comfortably on the sofa, floor, or wherever is best for you to receive the full LONG DISTANCE ENERGY HEALING from a meditative state. I will then begin the energy session implementing the BRENNAN HEALING SCIENCE, ENERGY TOUCH ADVANCED HEALING, and REIKI. We can stay on the line or disconnect and then return for follow up. This usually takes 20-30 minutes. LONG DISTANCE ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS are effective and easily available to you. Technology is allowing humans to be ever more connected even though we may be many miles apart. Allow yourself to experience the safety and comfort of having a LONG DISTANCE ENERGY HEALING SESSION in the comfort of your own home. No need to dress up or travel when you may be having some pain or a really bad day. Easy ~ right?

To begin the process contact e-mail me and let me know that you’d like to set up a time for a LONG DISTANCE HEALING SESSION that works for you. If you would like an initial consult first, then leave a note for that with telephone contact information. I will either call or e-mail you back the best time for us to connect. Generally, my office hours are Tuesday – Friday 9 AM – 3PM EST.
For the first meeting I will forward some paperwork including a consent form a day or two prior to our time and I ask that it be sent back electronically or US Mail prior to the day of session. Payment must be received prior to the appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you and walking along with you on your sacred path of healing. Many blessings to you for your courage to take the first step.

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