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Feather and Horse Reading

Jane King PicIt is September and Jane is at her best.  She welcomes me to the barn to meet Bay Boy.  He is a beauty and I give him an apple and a couple of carrots from my garden.  We go to the covered ring where we begin our session.  I don’t know what to expect as Jane prepares our space with blanket and medicine wheel.  Bay boy is happily engaged and loose in the ring.  I love horses, so I am happy to see him free.   He  stays off the blanket at Jane’s instruction, though he is curious and eats the apple I left there for him.  Bay Boy circles and Jane reads his movement as he relates to me.  Sometimes we read him together.
We begin with the medicine wheel and the choosing of the feathers.  They are many and varied.  I close my eyes, choose and place each one on the wheel.    My anticipation grows as the unfolding of the reading begins, knowing my questions and answers will be unveiled.   And it is.  The wisdom of the birds reveal themselves in and to my life.  I pick Crow, I pick Turkey, I pick Bluebird and Woodpecker… all have their meaning to me as my unconscious places them exactly where they need to be on the wheel.   Jane reads nature so gently and with such love I am fully safe and well held in the circle of her heart.    The emotions flow and ebb as I walk with Bay Boy and feel into myself as he shows me who I am.   His physical presence and gentleness are undeniable and healing to me.   I am as he shows me to be.   Jane communicates the wisdom expertly.  Did I mention it was also FUN!?  Jane allows any expression I wish to have and she senses the ones I resist and gives permission for it’s voice.   I loved this reading-healing.   I recommend you call Jane and Feel it for Yourself.  You will hold it in your heart as a unique and original expression of who you are with the winged ones, the power of the horse, the medicine wheel and all creation.

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