“I met Gayle in 2001 shortly after she opened her doors as a Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner in her Campton home. Immediately I was drawn to her, I felt a comfort and ease with her as she sat with me, listened and heard with empathy. Opening her true heart, through the years, Gayle has given much of her time, energy and care with me…and now my daughter. In moments, deep places, dark spaces where it has felt that the rest of the world could not or has not walked with me, Gayle has continually…countlessly held a space for me, walked with me, witnessed me and has NEVER given up on me.

I am forever grateful for her love, commitment, hope, talents and faith in me…to mankind, to the healthy balance and peace of our Earth, our universe. Gayle is a special gem, an Earth Angel serving in and for her highest light.”

A session with Gayle…

“Without the many, many hours of Gayle’s truly unique expertise, divine Spiritual knowing, heart, generosity, dedication I would not be living as I am today. Gayle is literally helping save my life and in turn my daughter’s well-being and those around me at large. Because of the work I have been so privileged to experience with Gayle I am further on my path of Spiritual growth and enlightenment, mental and emotional balance, and physical health as the Lyme Disease moves out of my body.”


“Are you feeling stuck? If so, Gayle Hannan will be able to help you. She has helped me with some long – standing health issues such as mercury toxicity and adrenal fatigue. In the process we have also exorcised some old emotional demons too. She is a very talented healer and thanks to her I feel better than I’ve felt in years.”

Marilyn R.

“I have smoked for over 30 years and found it hard to let it go completely. I had tried everything going to overcome this with no success. I have been smoke free for three months now thanks to the healing techniques that Gayle provided. She is gifted and professional with her healing abilities.”

Deb Hall
Plymouth NH

“I have been a client of Gayle’s over 10 years. I have found working with Gayle to be truly life-changing. It has offered me ways to be truly connected with my Spirit. I have found the exchange of energy to be so powerful and inspiring. Gayle facilitates the sessions in such a way that the connection is palpable-positive and grounding. Gayle provides feedback during the sessions, if requested and I have found great validation in her ability to share Guidance and clarity. My experiences of joy,awe, and nurturing are reflected back through sharing Gayle’s own impressions during these sessions and it has been powerful beyond words.”

Blessings, Linda

“In times of stress and confusion it’s always comforting to know there is someone to talk to. Gayle Hannan has helped change my outlook, my energy level, helped me prioritize life’s ever changing landscape and given me a comforting outlet. Her energy work is not only truly fascinating, but is something to be believed. The sessions are professional, organized and all encompassing. Gayle is one of the most intelligent people I know and her experience covers a wide range of subjects. I always come away with a greater understanding of not only myself but the universe, it’s workings, and how it relates to me. I look forward to each and every session and consistently gain more confidence, energy and reassurance in my life.”


“Gayle is great teacher and Reiki is a wonderful skill to help with self healing and helping others.”

Betty Ann Trought

“Learning to be a Reiki master from Gayle continues to be one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Gayle loves what she does, is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She definitely walks her talk and the best part is she really taught me how to have fun with my new Reiki empowerment, applying it to every aspect of my life. I use Reiki for healing, protection, clarity, and manifestation. I use it on my animals, my clients, and on my son daily when he bumps his sweet head. I use Reiki on my families’ food, on the car and on our bank account. I have restarted stalled furnaces & dead car batteries. There is no limit to the powerful uses. One of my favorite manifestation tools is using Reiki in combination with Gayle ‘s focus wheel. The results are miraculous!

I have taken Reiki classes from other masters and Reiki just isn’t the same without Gayle ‘s exuberant guidance.”

Rachel Fielding

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