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The E-Motional Scale© is a colorful map to help you consciously identify where your emotional vibrating indicators are located in relation to high or low frequency. It helps you see where you are and where you can go to find relief. To find relief you go UP the scale to next higher vibrating feeling. Emotions are simply Energy in Motion (E-Motion). They consist of energy and have a frequency or vibration. Emotions also have a color, a tone and are connected to a corresponding chakra.

The E-Motional Scale© provides a framework for you to identify where you are and helps you make a conscious choice to shift toward a preferred feeling which will provide relief to your emotional energy system. That is the goal; relief. Start with small shifts like moving from depression to anger or, fear to worry. These are necessary as movement and relief occur. Take small progressions because there will be an equal contraction phase to match your expanded jump. Moving between vibrations can sometimes cause a release to feel like backlash that can be uncomfortable and halt your progression. Be gentle with yourself. Since emotions are waves that expand and contact, this tool will help you learn how to surf your own emotional tide with more ease and less wipe-out.

Gradually, your field will clear many trapped, lower vibrating emotions, and you will find yourself spending more time at the upper region of the scale. This allows you to more easily manifest your heart’s desires as there will be fewer obstacles in your energy field clogging it up with interfering thought-feelings. The E-Motional Scale© and The Flower of Life Focus Wheel© will help you bring in your preferred thought-feelings. Soon you will notice the physical condition arriving to support those thought-feelings.

Every human being is an electrical vibrational transmitter and receiver. The signals you send (thoughts-feelings) will be the same signals you receive. As you change the signal of despair to hopefulness, more hopefulness will come toward you representing the preferred signal. Remember what you are thinking-feeling is activating the same thought or feeling toward you. I guarantee it will soon be reflected to you through a person or event. You are an ongoing guidance system shooting rockets of desire out all of the time. The choice is yours of what is wanted and what is not wanted. Practice choosing in a more conscious way and you will develop harmony where there was dissonance. Let the E-Motional Scale© be your guide.

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