The Holistic Perspective

Day 6 SOS Poetry Project

“The Holistic Perspective”
By Barbara Brennan

Be aware of the fluctuation
between duality and wholeness
that you hold within yourself.

Rather than judge one
or congratulate the other,
simply observe, with your witness,
what is here now.
Where is my boundary?
Am I in duality?
Am I in wholeness?

The more you can teach
your positive ego
the truth of the moment,
the easier it will be
for you to find your center
in times of difficulty.

will make all the difference
in any experience
that comes to you.

It is your recognition
of an experience
from the holistic perspective
of growth and fearlessness
that completely changes
the experience.

Gayle’s Reflection

This poem reminds me that I am a constantly changing, flowing, responding, reacting, human be-ing. Remembering to practice centering when I get too stretched out into duality or wholeness helps me regain my balance. This takes practice. This takes learning how to presence myself with conscious awareness to how I am feeling in any circumstance. The more I practice centering myself with awareness, the easier it gets, and I find I am feeling happy and balanced for longer periods of time.

There is no stopping the fluctuating waves of duality and wholeness. There is only learning to recognize it and find acceptance of its’ continuous existence and appearance in my life. By doing so I have developed the skill required to surf these waves. Judging the waves often ends in a wipe out, while seeing the wave come towards me and allowing the thrill of the ride keeps me centered on the inevitable rise, crest and completion of these infinite waves of creation. Before you know it another arrives. There is no escape.

Centering each morning to prepare for the waves of the day makes all the difference. As a spiritual athlete, I claim my practice with joyful anticipation. Grounding myself into the earth…Centering into my heart…Expanding to source light configures my field into a wonderous, strong and flexible, column of light. I become a bridge of the physical and spiritual realms. This is my true nature. The practice confirms my choice to become actively whole, allowing the continuation of my growth as I recognize with ease and grace the truth of each moment.

An unruly negative ego no long runs my life. I do…me. I am consciously choosing to participate in life from the holistic perspective. Keep practicing and you will learn how to surf this thrill of a ride called LIFE.

Thank you Barbara for teaching me how to surf the infinite waves of creation fearlessly.

See you tomorrow.
Love, Gayle

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