The Nature of Your School Room

Day 19 SOS Poetry Project

The Nature of Your School Room
By Barbara Brennan

You have created for yourself a school room, an environment perfectly suited for that learning.

The direction of you path is into your worst fear,
and that which you are most ashamed of.
That uncharted inner landscape
is what you have chosen to go through.

Gayle’s Reflection:

So simple; a few words to remind me that I had my hand in the sculpting of this life and designed many of the lessons within it. The choice I have is to welcome the lessons or resist them.

These lessons of fear and love are “perfectly suited” for me- just me. Learning to trust and surrender to the wisdom of the lessons is module one. It seems to never end as the darkness of the uncharted fears close in. I have learned to love and accept this nature of my school room.

Every time I successfully complete a lesson (so I think) inevitably a client will show up with the exact same lesson in progress. Sharing the wisdom gleaned from the experience helps the next person through the dark wilderness holding the flashlight I offered.

Even though the lessons may require years of study, trial and error, the miracle of the client presenting the same lesson makes all the effort, breakthroughs and knowledge gained worth all the pain of walking in the dark forest.

So go for it! Learn your lesson well. Share them with love for the expansion of consciousness.

Thank you Barbara, I love being in the classroom with you.
See you tomorrow,
Love Gayle

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