Thursday, October 2, 2014



Pronunciation: chu’ wen
Qualities: innocence, spontaneity, inner child, humor, artistry, monkey, trickster, disruption, transparency.

Gayle’s Reflections:
“Remember, as a divine child, you have nothing to do or be, except to embody the simple presence of love.” This quote from the Oracle is truth that I often put into practice when life gets a little challenging. God made me his/her child in order to play and create a life of joy and love. Most of the time, I really don’t know what I am doing. Trying to be an adult, getting through another day with all of the tasks and responsibilities at my feet, can be overwhelming, and I forget how to play. When I get on the phone with my fellow travelers, it seems to come pouring through. My funny side, my joy is revealed, because I can be myself and feel safe.

Sometimes events arrive to show us how to play. The absurdity of all the stuff…”playing out” in the media and world stage, really has little to do with love, other than to show us where it is absent. We are being shown what we need to let go of as it is destroying our ability to love and be open-hearted. Choose wisely what feels good and let go of what does not.

How can a person protect their heart in the face of school shootings, war in foreign lands, and corporate greed raiding my bank account and ability to have money to enjoy life? I say play, laugh, dance and sing anyway. It brings light heartedness to heavy situations.

Physical laughing actually breaks up the energetic / emotional holds lingering in your aura that originated from some form of fear. Humor and jokes help us to find a way to express difficult truths around feelings of vulnerability, inadequacy, or fear of being judged. When truth comes through humor we are actively participating in a form of release which disperses long held fears or judgments that remain trapped in your energy field and the collective field of illusion. When you get to the consciousness/truth of the situation or feeling the illusion dissolves. The truth is we are all connected and the clearer our field the more we can be a divine loving child and play!

Affirmation: “I am an innocent, open-hearted, transparent, divine child.”

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