Thursday, October 9, 2014



Pronunciation: chu’ wen
Qualities: innocence, spontaneity, inner child, humor, artistry, monkey, trickster, disruption, transparency

Gayle’s Reflection:
This week’s Lunar eclipse has been throwing lots of disruptive energy into the ethers. I have been a bit of a whirling dervish the last few days and haven’t kept up on these posts. I have really been noticing the disruption of Chuen. It has effectively sent a spiral into my world and interrupted all my plans for productive, creative projects. Playing around with me.

Now I can laugh at it and make fun of myself for just being me. A bit messed up, in my deep process around clearing victim consciousness. Particularly around the Divine Feminine. Were you noticing anything like this? Disagreeing with the opposite sex? Reviewing and letting go of old events, traumas and bad decisions which brought us to where you are now? Wow it is potent energy and I am glad to have allowed myself to be spontaneous in the moment with my feelings. Taking time to allow all of the data stored in them to be revealed to me. Now that I have more consciousness about my past I have more freedom to create a better more fun future!

Allow Chuen to play with your inner child even if she has a few dings in her bumper. Be transparent to yourself and your own feelings.

Affirmation: “I am an innocent, open-hearted, transparent, divine child.”

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