Vision – The New Paradigm

Vision The New Paradigm

Good Day Dear Hearts,
Let it be known this day that many changes are under way –

All of the places where darkness lived and shadows lurked
Are being exposed to Light
Are being exposed to Love
Are being delivered to accountability

For the dark, slow, negative vibrations which have permeated the Essential nature of Earth are no longer able to be held In dark or hidden places-
For now we get to choose where to focus ourselves because it is so negative we no longer are drawn to the fear
To the Fear stories –
For now we are choosing
To Feel compassion
To feel understanding
To feel the need to help those who are suffering in darkness
No matter the cause
No matter the situation.

Bringing it out of the darkness
Bringing it out of the darkness
So much Pain
So much Sadness
So much grief & Loss

Surrender it up to the light for transformation
Surrender it up to the light to be revealed for all of every community
To See the Pain
To See the Struggle
of the Suffering of Man-

The Powerful man who Suffers
The Disempowered man who lashes out in Anger
Who lashes out by victimizing a weaker being-
Who overpowers through brute Strength
Who over-powers through manipulation & Strategy
Who overpowers through financial control

All of these men must now come into the light and clear their slate for all actions that have been out of alignment and out of integrity.
All of these men who were role models and fell from grace give us the grandest opportunity for forgiveness.

We community have the opportunity to forgive
To heal the male wound for power of every sort.
Sexual Power
Political Power
Financial Power
Physical Power
Are there more?
All are graciously visible now to be healed at the core-
To set us free from this old paradigm of Dominant Male Power
And begin to formulate a new paradigm for something else…
What could we create together as community?

The time is here to create and develop together something new
Something equal
Something based on Love
Something based on Peace
Something based on Justice

Bring into the conversation
The Women of all nations as Equal Partners
Particularly the women of years as they hold the wisdom of Family and community
Hold them near and ask your questions
Begin Today
Vision the New Paradigm for our Earth and all her Creations.

Gayle Hannan©

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