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(Complex Stability) stability in expansion, greater constellation, union of polarity, framework of centeredness.

Gayle’s Reflections:
“Twelve is the ray of complex stability, the foundation of essence in union with the mystical truth of polarity.” It is offering us a point in time to be centered, and grounded while integrating the duality that challenges us in deciding right from wrong(or some other aspect of duality that arrives). I like this in the middle of the week. It feels solid, like I have a base to stand on with my work. Plus there are 2 more days to finish what I need to do. What does that feel like to you, to be stabilized during increasing expansion? Our world is expanding at an increasingly faster rate. What are the greater constellations calling you toward?

For me when I feel into this number, I am grounded. As a child I was moved around a lot in different houses, apartments, schools. Feeling grounded anywhere as if I belonged, was non-existent. So when I look at this card I see a granite foundation within the lower bar. It is immoveable. I trust that it will not falter or tip. Therefore, I can stand upon it with another bar and be myself. I am my full essential being, standing without tipping, tilting or collapsing. I am filled with a sense of centeredness within and I am also expanded and far reaching toward the constellations energetically.

When a person feels self-secure and safe it is much easier to navigate and pursue the dualistic reality of the outer society. Success often follows this patterning. Instability creates insecurity and fear infiltrates our psyche leaving us with uncertainty and self-doubt. Choose to build your base, stand firmly on it and be available with an open heart and keen mind to handle the inconsistencies that duality gives us daily.

Twelve is strength, centeredness and structure.

See where you can find these qualities in your world today.

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