Are we transforming from an age of information into an age of wisdom? Is it possible to do this with so much electronic noise and pollution of all sorts affecting our bodies, minds, hearts and souls?

Who owns it?

Wisdom is something like this; it’s clear insight with tons of good judgement and lots of experience living in the world. It’s learning how to listen, slow down, and take stock of a situation before taking action on it. The adrenaline rush accompanying the incessant stream information has hijacked our innate wisdom through instant gratification and lack of serious consequences for impulsive and planned out actions.

The lack of wisdom is visible in every area of our lives. We are constantly reacting to some stimulation or retracting from fear shoved at our vision, hearing and sensory receptors. Who is responsible for this tidal wave and why are we being pummeled into submission? Perhaps this is a planetary symptom of the imbalance of power between those who have it and those who don’t. People in authority are quite lacking in the pursuit of wisdom.  They want to own us and everything else. Wisdom has little to do with it.

Remember wisdom = insight, good judgement, experience.

The allure of power and the insult of corruption that accompanies power have removed the vehicle of wisdom required to properly balance power. Today, the power of a few subjugates the power of the many. The imbalance has put us into tilt mode where all must stop and reset, reevaluate, revise and eventually restore our work, play and family dynamics into something very new, and egalitarian.

Our governance was created by a small group of wise men who were inspired by the Divine under heat and pressure to create something new that would be more equal and beneficial for the many. Over time the balance has tilted and become skewed again toward the corrupt few. This is in the process of being corrected and redirected back toward the many creating uncertainty in every aspect of daily living. We naturally seek leadership in someone having wisdom. A person or persons who have good judgement in correcting relationships, clear insight to change what needs changing and knowing how to do so. Along with the intent for the good of the whole and hands on experience for what works.

Who wants it?

Does anyone want to admit to their wisdom and experience? So often it is attacked as old fashioned or not relevant. Will anyone listen and heed simple human wisdom ways? Wise woman ways? Wise man ways?  So much has been allowed so quickly in such disrespectful and degrading ways to our children, our senses, to humanity and to every creature and ecosystem on our planet.

The jobs of leadership are overwhelming to those who actually have and wield the wisdom. Fearful of being overpowered, quickly turned on, corrupted unwittingly and being thrust into a stinging sea of public opinion, wise leaders recognize these landmines and steer clear to navigate and avoid self destruction.  So the wise hide. The wise are content to lead their own inner game and inner circle. The wise lurk on the sidelines waiting for the smoke to clear and then maybe peek out to see what they may be able to help with within their closet community. And this is the blessing for all.

Who wields it?

The opportunity is here for you to step in with your nuggets of wisdom to assist in bringing forth new creation as the old regimes crumble. For as the ethers are awaiting the new energy, the new light, the new ideas, and the new technologies. We need our sages to help anchor the paradigms of love, clean food, clean free energy, and new money systems to evolve out of the ashes of destruction we are currently witnessing. Keep letting go of what no longer works.

Practice wielding your wisdom with grace. Allow the joy to beam through your heart and body. Shine your light through the masks of destruction and let the twinkle in your eye be a seed of wisdom or wit to share. Everyone needs it now more than ever before.

It is obvious and painfully visible that power over does not work. Power with was the plan and it has been withheld, interrupted and stolen from us. Even worse we have been robbed our life force and our livelihoods. As an emerging elder and conscious observer I am witnessing many repeating patterns of power over play out again and again. How do we create new patterns of wise power with each other?

Could it be time now to call for the wisdom of the creative feminine? Native people have had a council of elder women contributing with authority in difficult situations. Their insight, wisdom and experience has proven useful toward solutions toward peace and reconciliation. Turn our eyes, ears and hearts toward your elder women to see, feel, hear what’s needed for wisdom to be a large and necessary part of the new Earth paradigm that we are ALL in the midst of creating. The voices of wise women have been left out of the conversation and we are now paying for this lack of balance in our systems.


When you have a life lived it becomes clear that we humans are rebellious, egotistical, narcissistic and stubborn. These qualities are obstacles to change. As we age we learn as to how to manage and navigate the obstacles to joy and peace. We see in advance where to engage and where to avoid in order to produce our best outcome.  Avoid the pitfalls, engage the clear path… and know…

It is time to meditate.

It is time to pray.

It is time to consult the Divine.

It is time to engage the council of grandmothers and the wisdom of the creative feminine who have a stake in the game that is not about power or money or fame.

Clear your own path.

Discover your authentic truth of wise person.

Come to the table of the Divine. 

It’s time. 

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